IoT in manufacturing: The four stages of maturity

Only a couple of years ago, IoT was still shrouded with intrigue and uncertainty. The integration of sensors, connectivity, and big data technologies made sense in the business world, but their true potential, implementation, and use cases were far from clear. There was a lot of talk about when exactly IoT would “hit” businesses. Today, instead of having a single demarcation point for IoT’s acceptance in industry, we’re seeing manufacturers adopt it in chunks. Quietly but steadily, IoT is reshaping different parts of the manufacturing process.
The use cases in industries like aeronautics and chemicals are a proving ground for the real-world potential of IoT. There’s a roadmap to IoT adoption beginning to form. It often starts with Enterprise Asset Management and goes from there, garnering more revolutionary potential along the lines of visibility and automation. While individual companies will have […]
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