IoT and AI: Its all about the customer

Participants of the CEO Roundtable at the IoT and AI Summit 2018

Develop a habit of using customer journey maps as your basis for adopting and deploying technology solutions in your organisations. This was the message that was echoed by all the speakers at the CEO Roundtable at the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (IoT and AI) Summit organized by CIO East Africa.

“The customer should be the point of focus when deploying any technology, be it IoT or AI or any technology for that matter,” said Peter Mungai, Ag. IT Director, Kenya Airways.

Organisations have been rushing to plug technologies into areas they consider inefficient and hoping that these technologies will increase efficiencies in the said areas, but this thinking is wrong and flawed.

While identifying the opportunities around IoT and AI, the executives from more than 20 leading organisations agreed that Kenya and East Africa in general has the requisite infrastructure and enough devices to start leveraging the potential. “There is enough bandwidth, both local and international cloud providers are now offering stable and good cloud services so technically we should be able to see more IoT and AI activities in the region,” said Ben Roberts, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO), Liquid Telecom.

All speakers at the early morning meeting agreed that it was critical for the industry to pull and work together in getting the building blocks for IoT and AI right from the start. “We are on a new technological growth spurt driven by IoT and AI and we need to be ready as we witness the fourth industrial revolution,” said Laura Chite, CEO, CIO East Africa.

This is the second edition of the IoT and AI Summit organized by CIO East Africa and supported by among others Liquid Telecom Kenya, Amazon Web Services, FABS, Hitachi and GiZ. The event runs until tomorrow Friday 17th August.

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