IOT and AI are easy


As technological advances take precedence in a world that is fast becoming increasingly adept to innovation, IOT and AI are the flagship bearers in this digital revolution. With emphasis on increased operational efficiency and productivity, plus enhanced security and safety, the forefront of Kenya’s shift into a stance of a digitally adept, economic power is being nudged forward by the relationships AI and IOT have created and maintained.

Benn Mann, of IBM East Africa said “It has never been easier to implement AI and IOT” suggesting that setting up and delivering results through technological interfaces is not a thing that should be ignored. He further went on to say “Doing AI and IOT is like owning a dog, you have to teach it. In the same way, you would teach an AI” Confirming the notion that AI and IOT are not complicated, before saying the first step must be made.

This goes out to show that valuable insights gained from the usage of AI and IOT can be used to further the notion of Kenya as a digital powerhouse.


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