Intel and She Leads Africa to help women tech entrepreneurs through a workshop


Entrepreneurship will be the broad based driver of economic growth for Africa with the potential to create jobs for the more than 200 million young Africans between ages 15 and 24. However, whilst Sub Saharan Africa has the highest rate of female entrepreneurship across the world (27 per cent), the typical business profile is a consumer-oriented, one-woman enterprise with no employees and low expectations for future growth.

It is in regards to this that She Leads Africa, a social enterprise initiative dedicated to unlocking the potential of female entrepreneurs, has partnered with Intel Corp to host educational workshops for tech entrepreneurs in cities across the continent, to help young female tech entrepreneurs upgrade their IT knowledge and build a strong and successful business.

The series of workshops kicks off in Nairobi on January 24 and will then move to Johannesburg, Lagos and many more.

Each workshop will consist of two sessions: Intel will lead the first session and will show attendees how technology can be used to solve community problems. There will also be working session on building your MVP (minimum viable product) and getting your product ready for the public.

She Leads Africa will take over the second session and will teach attendees how to get their product/service into the hands of consumers. Attendees will go through real case studies to make sure that the session is practical and not just theoretical.

The workshop is targeted towards female developers who are looking to build their businesses and eventually IPO for millions of dollars as well as all you #BossWomen who are running tech enabled businesses.

Participants must apply to participate ensuring that the women selected will be some of the most exciting tech entrepreneurs on the continent. The application forms can be found online This workshop is another example of Intel’s commitment to supporting growth and gender inclusion in the tech industry on the continent.

Participants will also learn about the Lean Start Up and will also be trained on how to use Intel architecture in their businesses as well as some of the creative ways that technology can be used to solve business problems.

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