InsureTech forum seeks to create technology disruption in sector

Audience members at the InsureTech forum

The regional InsureTech forum orchestrated by the CIO East Africa in partnership with ZEP-RE has commenced in Nairobi. Kicking off with an interactive CEO breakfast roundtable.

The forum themed “Connecting the digital future of insurance today”, has brought together like minded individuals, that are directly involved in the industry and the impact technology would have on it. Important deliberations that revolved around the intricate ways, technology can help the insurance industry achieve new heights.

“Welcome to the first-ever InsureTech forum aimed to integrate technology into insurance for the betterment of the industry” said Hope Murera, CEO ZEP-RE. Who officiated the forum. Predominantly, the ways in which insurance products could harness the power of technology, to appeal to the millennials, digitisation of the insurance products and how to enrich the ecosystem so as to ensure complete efficiency on behalf of the insurers and technology providers alike.

Mr Harry Hare, chairman of CIO, was at hand to outline ” The insurance industry has tonnes of data, but how does it use the data?” soliciting contemplations from the audience to reflect on the impact of data on the industry and how new technologies, such as blockchain and AI can assist.

The forum aligns both plenary and panel discussions lined through the day to explore all the potential technologies to disrupt the industry lest its death as one of the CEOs noted during the first session.


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