Celebrating Innovation In The Manufacturing Industry

Beat the August 30th deadline, nominate your company for the 2020 Manufacturing Sector Awards before closure.

The BAT team represented by Edgar Okioga receive the Manufacturing Sector Award during CIO100 Awards 2019.

Manufacturing, having been mentioned as a key sector in the country’s economic development, has proven to steer industrial growth and the development of specific economic zones, contributing to national output and exports as well as job creation.

Targeting to accelerate the production of niche products and industrial parks, manufacturing is a vital sector, to say the least.

CIO100 Symposium and Awards recognises and awards individual efforts towards this contribution to the Big4 agenda, skewed towards escalating the local production of goods, especially now with the novel coronavirus.

The biggest annual convergence of CIOs in the East Africa Region did in 2019, reward the CIO100 Manufacturing Sector Award to BAT, having merited the win for innovating solutions in their daily operations, branding it a manufacturing hub for Kenya’s domestic market and in East and Central Africa.

“The win was a testament to a successful digital transformation journey and technological innovation in the manufacturing industry,” says Edgar Okiaga, the Information and Digital Technology Manager at  BAT, Kenya.

The British American Company (BAT) has a long history and rich heritage in Kenya, having begun operations in 1907 and later listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange in 1969. It operates a vertically integrated business, ranging from growing tobacco leaf to the distribution and sale of finished tobacco products.

The company unveiled its transformed offices in Nairobi, marking an important milestone for its ‘hub rejuvenation’ project in a transformation designed to embody the BAT East & Central Africa Area (ECAA) mantra of being Energised, Collaborative and Agile. The rejuvenated workplace has since been termed truly fit for the future.

Speaking on this development while expressing her excitement for the future, the Area Director at BAT, Beverley Spencer-Obatoyinbo, said, “The project team has delivered a wonderful commercial office space which has taken ECAA and its work environment into a completely creative and innovative realm.” Adding, “This ‘great place to work’ will deliver even more energy, collaboration, and agility across the organisation.”

The Ministry of Industralisation, Trade, and Enterprise Development notes that Kenya launched an ambitious 10-year plan in a blueprint to revive the manufacturing and industrial sector, which is hoped to generate one million new jobs.

It states, “The blueprint will see the creation of an industrial development fund, industrial parks along infrastructure corridors, and support the agro-processing, textile and mining sectors, among others.”

The CIO100 Symposium and Awards categorises the prizes differently with regards to the economic sector represented. Nominate your company now for the 2020 Manufacturing Sector Awards to stand a chance to win in 2020. Below, find how.

The application process

The applications involve three sections with the first seeking to fetch the details of the nominated project, the second to understand the business value of the said project, and the last, information about the nominated organisation(s). The applications process, detailed in a form, will be open until 30th August 2020. One can also nominate themselves, a partner, or an organisation.

For questions regarding the CIO100 Awards or the application, please email the CIO 100 Lead and survey support desk at melissa.dorsila@cio.co.ke. You can also call +254 318 14939, +254 725 855 249, or visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CIO1002020

Do not be left out! Remember, the deadline for applications and nominations is 30th August 2020.



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  1. It is true that a country’s economy depends a lot on the growth of its manufacturing industry. I head a manufacturing company and have decided to apply for the Manufacturing Sector Awards this year. Thanks for the update about its application process.


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