IndyGeneUS AI & Afya Rekod Partner On New Data Platform

To establish a solid foundation in precision medicine in the African diaspora and indigenous populations globally. this partnership leverages access to 110K patients who once sequenced, will bring IndyGeneUS to 10 per cent of their 1 million African genomes goal.


Recently IndyGeneUS (pronounced indigenous), a pioneering genomics company officially announces a strategic partnership with Afya Rekod, Kenya’s premier patient-driven health data platform company founded by John Kamara. “This partnership will be a great leap for Africa in the area of genomics, patient management and precision medicine,” said Kamara.

Afya Rekod is utilising revolutionary blockchain and cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to facilitate better healthcare outcomes for its subscribers in Kenya and across Africa. Kamara continued, “The collaboration will open new opportunities for doctors, patients and also pharmaceutical companies to better understand the patient-driven economy that is revolutionizing healthcare and how to make sure Africa is at the forefront of using technology and research to improve healthcare”.

IndyGeneUS will leverage the power of whole-genome sequencing in combination with patient-centred health data and electronic health records to create a unique resource for research on conditions affecting Kenyans, Africans, and diaspora populations. Based in Nairobi, IndyGeneUS was founded by Yusuf Henriques, an American public health expert and Howard University graduate, to address the lack of diversity in drug discovery using genomics.

Henriques also shared his thoughts on the promise of genomics. “The opportunity to save lives using genomics is enormous. We are creating Africa’s first secure health and genomics digital platform that will democratize access to accelerate discoveries and the implementation of precision health innovation across the continent.”

Afya Rekod recently reported news of their partnership with Telkom, Kenya’s first and largest telecommunications provider, in efforts to expand its userbase to over 2 million participants by the end of this year. IndyGeneUS will enrol participants from Afya Rekod’s rapidly growing userbase to reach our goal of 1 million genomes and establish the world’s largest and most diverse repository of the African diaspora and indigenous genetic data.

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