Implementation of AI in agriculture

iot smart farming, agriculture in industry 4.0 technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning concept. it help to improve, categorized, specified goal, solve problem, keep goal, predict

With a number of high profile industries in Kenya taking up the adoption of AI, the agriculture sector has not been left out. A large pool of the workforce in the sector has attributed major recent successes to the advent of the new interfaces. These new interfaces are now being incorporated into their systems and work lives to facilitate better profits and gains for them personally, and for the entire ecosystem as a whole.

As with the fairly expected reception new technologies and interfaces encounter in the Kenyan economy, the AI was regarded as too complicated, and that it would lead to several people losing their jobs. Currently, the work force within the agricultural sector are witnessing the vast capability and advantages AI brings to the field. The technology is being utilized to monitor plant, soil and even weather conditions to outline and signify the most prominent times the produce will be ready or healthy, depending on the algorithm it has laid out already for the worker to follow.

This goes out to show, that not only is AI making the entire process of farming various produces easier, but it is lowering or completely eradicating the error factor, allowing for the produce to be grown in a virtually precise and accurate environment, or rate. Nonetheless, this also alludes to it ensuring that farmers no longer have to engage in repetitive, tedious tasks that may induce human error.

In an increasingly technological world, it would be vital for the economy to adapt to AI, and the benefits it brings wholly. This is not to say that it is easy to implement, the starting point begins when more developers, software engineers and risk takers employ AI as the way forward, then the fruits will be bore not only for the agricultural sector, but for the economy in its entirety. With Kenya, and at a greater scale, Africa. Thus making strides in the digital revolution that Kenya aims to encompass for her economy.

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