Imint & TECNO Announce Partnership At CES 2021

TECNO’s collaboration with Imint, a pioneer in smartphone video software solutions that increasingly leverage AI, is a crucial step in levelling-up its smartphone video performance.


IMINT Image Intelligence AB (Imint), a global leader in video enhancement software, and TECNO, the premium mobile phone brand of TRANSSION Holdings, today announced at CES 2021 an enhanced partnership to further explore the future of smartphone video performance and to advance the next generation of smartphones with industry-leading video stabilisation technology.

The first result of the companies’ collaboration is already on display with TECNO CAMON 16 series smartphone, enabled by Imint’s Vidhance Video Stabilisation solution.

More stable and seamless shots and videos carry immense aesthetic value and intended shareability. Camera technologies are developed to empower users to arrest the ephemerality of daily life. Understanding the growing importance of video performance to the overall smartphone user experience, TECNO is doubling down on its commitment to delivering its customers the technology they need to create amazing video content. TECNO’s collaboration with Imint, a pioneer in smartphone video software solutions that increasingly leverage AI, is a crucial step in levelling-up its smartphone video performance.

“Creating content on smartphone cameras is no longer just about still photography. Video performance is just as important,” said Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO of Imint. “TECNO understands this, which is why we’re teaming up not only to enable today’s smartphone with Imint technology but also to together explore the future of smartphone video performance.”

Whether it’s video-based social media platforms or increased video-based communications on business conferencing platforms, smartphone video has become essential to the way consumers create, communicate, and share. Consumer demand for video is booming, and the partnership with Imint further enables TECNO’s ability to keep pace with the market need.

“TECNO has developed a reputation as an industry innovator by understanding consumer trends and delivering products that meet market demand. All of our constantly upgraded technologies are consumer-centric,” stated Vice President of Transsion Holdings, General Manager of TECNO Mobile, Stephen Ha. “By partnering with Imint, we are able to leverage their extensive knowledge and experience in artificial intelligence and video optimization to equip TECNO smartphones with a calibre of video experience that will impress our customers in emerging markets – both today and for years to come.”

TECNO’s camera phone CAMON 16 Premier is powered by a flagship-level 64MP ultra quad camera, 48MP dual front camera and 4K high-definition video quality, creating a super-powerful camera and video shooting experience to consumers. Imint’s suite of video enhancement solutions allows users to capture professional-quality content from mobile devices.

Its flagship solutions include Vidhance Dynamic Motion Blur Reduction (DMBR), which minimises the effect of motion-blur in the stabilised video; Vidhance Super Stabilisation, which removes unwanted camera movement to produce video stabilization on par with or exceeding dedicated action cams, Vidhance Field of View Correction (FOVC), which eliminates zoom artifacts that are present in videos with frequent lens shifting; Vidhance Horizon Correction (HC), which auto-levels crooked horizons in videos, and Vidhance Selfie Mode, which keeps one’s face in the frame during video calls, amongst others.

Throughout 2021, the companies will continue to explore the integration of TECNO hardware with Imint video software, and the ways in which artificial intelligence and new imaging technologies will further optimize the performance of TECNO smartphones to be released during the year and beyond.

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