IEBC Chairman confirms ICT manager disappearance amid investigations


IEBC Chairman, Mr. Wafula Chebukati issued a press statement confirming the disappearance of Mr. Chris Msando.
Mr. Msando who is also the Commission’s acting ICT Director was last seen on Friday night.
“The last communication from him is an SMS sent to one of his colleagues at around 3am on Saturday morning,” Chebukati said.
He added the content of the SMS suggested Msando was conscious and fully aware of his itinerary for the day.
“The matter has been reported to police and the commission, together with family members, is working closely with them to establish his whereabouts.”
“We shall issue a more comprehensive statement in due course after we establish more facts about the matter” he added.
The disappearance however is another huddle IEBC has to deal with as netizens are currently not joining their band wagon of ensuring a free and fair elections take place.
Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) had a racket on Saturday after IEBC said it had increased the number of presidential ballot papers – the electroral agency used Twitter saying 20,818,000 papers have been printed to cater for the 19,687,563 registered voters. The difference is 1,130,437.

Here are some of the tweets;

‘@okal_sirikal’ sid there must be a sinister motive as “why is it only with the presidential ballot that you foresee spoilt votes that will need to be replaced?”


‘@Asamoh_:’ So only presidential ballot papers might be spoilt ‘@IEBCKenya‘ ? Why the 1M extra papers ‘@ezraCHILOBA

@ItsMutai‘: I once said here, All Ghurair had already printed Presidential ballot papers by the time NASA went to court. Of course I was ignored. Bingo!

@Disembe‘: Which law only made it necessary to print excess presidential ballot papers and not in the other seats? ‘#ExtraBallotsScandal


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