#IBMTHINK2018: IBM introduces Watson Assistance help businesses enhance brand loyalty


IBM has introduced Watson Assistant, an artificial intelligent adviser that the company describes as an “AI enterprise assistant.”

Speaking to us during a round table at the IBM THINK 2018 Conference in Las Vegas Nevada, Kareem Yusuf, Ph.D. – general manager, Watson IoT, IBM, said that the Watson Assistant brings together artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) to help businesses enhance brand loyalty and transform customer experiences, while keeping the business and customer data private and secure.

He also mentioned that leading brands were joining IBM to bring Watson Assistant into daily lives. This includes BMW and HARMAN, Airwire, Munich Airport, Kaon Media, The Royal Bank of Scotland and our newest partner, IFTTT, all of which are turning to Watson Assistant to better engage their customers.

“These partners recognize that Watson Assistant can be embedded in any “thing”  a car, hotel room, retail store, conference room and more offering consumers new levels of convenience as they live, work and travel. It combines a deep understanding of the user with additional contextual factors such as their location and time of day to anticipate their needs and proactively make recommendations,” said Mr. Kareem.

Unlike Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant, Watson Assistant isn’t just designed for a single location such as your home and doesn’t just respond to a person’s commands and provide generic information that’s publicly available.

Kareem, explained that Watson Assistant can be accessed via voice or text interaction and gets to know a person more through each and every interaction, gaining greater insight into who they are, what makes them happy and more.

Delivered through the IBM Cloud, Watson Assistant can be infused into a new set of industry-specific applications, including two designed for automotive and hospitality, which businesses can white-label and brand as they chose.

“Automotive manufacturers can now offer the smart assistant experience in their vehicles, and hotels can offer guests a smart assistant experience in their rooms,” said Mr. Kareem.

He added that Watson Assistant will also be available for companies in retail, banking and will allow them to create more several types of conversational capabilities that are important and relevant for their business or industry.

Watson Assistant can also be customized for additional verticals, and with permission from the user, these businesses can share this data through the IBM Cloud to ensure that it’s present throughout each person’s day, no matter where they go.

IBM THINK is the flagship IBM Conference built up to helps business owners modernize and secure their entreprises. The event unites multiple events that were previously held on separate dates. PartnerWorld is one of the key events within the broader conference.

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