IBM unveils IBM z13s and security partnerships for the new mainframe

The New CryptoExpress5S Card for IBM z13s.

IBM today unveiled a new mainframe, bringing the security of data encryption without slowing down system performance to mid-sized organizations.The new system, IBM z13s, is enabled and optimized for hybrid cloud environments and can help secure critical information and transactions better than before.

IBM also announced new security partnerships and highly integrated innovations for the mainframe:

  • Security embedded into hardware – The new z13s has advanced cryptography features built into the hardware that allow it to encrypt and decrypt data twice as fast as previous generations, protecting information without compromising performance.
  • Intelligent security capabilities – IBM is integrating mainframe technology with IBM Security software solutions to create a more secure foundation for a hybrid cloud infrastructure. IBM also is offering a new Cyber Security Analytics service to z Systems customers that can help identify malicious activity by learning user behavior over time.
  • Expanded partner ecosystem – IBM is working with leaders in the cyber security industry through the “Ready for IBM Security Intelligence” partner program to help deliver enterprise-wide solutions and offerings tailored to specific client needs. The new partners for z Systems are BlackRidge Technology, Forcepoint and RSM Partners.

As digital business becomes the standard and transactions increase, the need for increased security has become paramount. The typical enterprise can face an average of 81 million security incidents annually.The incidents and threats are escalating and evolving as companies increase interactions to their network through mobile devices and cloud networks, with industry analyst IDC forecasting 80 percent enterprise hybrid cloud adoption by 2017.

Cyber criminals nowadays are manipulating data, rather than stealing it, compromising its accuracy and reliability. The z13s provides access to APIs and microservices in a hybrid cloud setting while keeping data integrity intact.

“Fast and secure transaction processing is core to the IBM mainframe, helping clients grow their digital business in a hybrid cloud environment,” said Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president, IBM Systems. “With the new IBM z13s, clients no longer have to choose between security and performance. This speed of secure transactions, coupled with new analytics technology helping to detect malicious activity and integrated IBM Security offerings, will help mid-sized clients grow their organization with peace of mind.”

“Key to protecting the enterprise and new cloud deployments is managing access at the earliest possible time based on user and device identity. Even being able to identify endpoints via network scanning can be an entry point for malicious hackers, whose methods are becoming more and more advanced. As a member of the Ready for IBM Security Intelligence partner program for z Systems, we have been able to offer our identity-based network protection for the mainframe to provide a new level of protection against today’s advanced threats.” – Bob Graham, CEO, BlackRidge Technology.

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