IBM THINK2018: Two sides of the “data coin”


In an era where operations will be data driven, it is clear that data will offer the greatest opportunities for businesses and within that lies the greatest potential of being a great issue of our time.

This was brought about by Ginni Rometty, chairman IBM, during her opening keynote at IBM THINK 2018 in Las Vegas Nevada. She touched on the three key areas which included Data and Trust responsibility, Jobs and skills and Inclusion which need to be acted on before we fully embrace the data driven era.

IBM THINK is the flagship IBM Conference built up to helps business owners modernise and secure their enterprises. The event unites multiple events that were previously held on separate dates. PartnerWorld is one of the key events within the broader conference.

Data and Trust Responsibility

Rometty started off by explaining that in the end companies will not only be judged on how they use data, but on if they are data stewards.

In this regard, she explained to the IBM Customers that, IBM had come up with data principals in the era of data and AI. The IBM Data Policies revolve around a belief in the inventions made that they are to augment men and machines. The other principal is that IBM’s Business model is not in conflict with of the customers model and finally, it is all about advanced security.

“We believe in the era of data, the data and AI engines created from it belong to the creator and that’s you. Our business model is not about monetising data or distributing it making both our business models aligned. On advanced security, only 4 percent of the the world encrypts data. Security is quite important and that’s why we built Watson in the cloud with this principals in mind,” she explained.

Jobs and skills

Every era of technology comes with it new job creations while some jobs are faced out. Rommety explained that she is convinced in the era of data, 100percent of jobs created will change and people will not need Degrees and PHDs in the future of 100percent  new job change.

“We need to prepare the world to a new era of new color jobs not white or blue and no stigma.  In this regards, IBM has created initiatives like, Pathway to Technologies where we spend close to half a billion dollars, to train and help develop skills.


Rommety stated that Inclusion was key especially when coming up with  data policies, practices and results that cuts across all sectors.

“I think everyone has the right of making inclusion a right to everyone. I am blessed to steward a company that believes in inclusion for over 100 years. It doesn’t matter about, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity. The employees of IBM represent a talented and diverse workforce. Achieving the full potential of this inclusion is a business priority that is fundamental to our competitive success,” she concluded.

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