Huawei’s GPU Turbo elevates the Y9 2019s gaming capabilities


As a high-quality entry-level phone, Huawei Y9 2019 is a must for all the gamers. The Kirin 710 chip works together with Huawei’s unique GPU Turbo technology, allowing smooth and high-quality gaming performance.

Speaking during the official launch of the Huawei Y9 to the Kenyan market, Steven Li, Huawei, Head of Eastern Africa Mobile, said that through its design the device intertwines style and the latest technology for consumer satisfaction.

“This chic smartphone tailored for consumers, shows the perfect integration of high-end technology and style,” he added.

There is no time that this statement held water more than when it came to gaming. With its large 6.5″ Notched FullView Display that allows wider vision for a gamer to fully immerse themselves in what they are doing, to how the Kirin chip works together with Huawei’s GPU Turbo for tremendous improvement on gaming performance.

The features that make the Huawei a good phone for gaming are as follows:

Understanding the GPU Turbo

Huawei’s unique GPU Turbo technology is also supported by Y9 2019. GPU Turbo re-architects how graphics are being processed at a system level. With hardware-software integrated solution, GPU performance is improved dramatically- enabling greater graphics fidelity and gaming performance while improving efficiency. By supporting GPU Turbo, HUAWEI Y9 2019’s GPU efficiency has doubled and its basic performance increased by 1.3x, providing consistent and reliable gaming experiences for seamless and endless fun.

What does the Kirin do?

Huawei Y9 2019 features the latest Huawei Kirin 710 octa-core CPU (4*Cortex-A73+4*Cortex-A53) with a processing speed up to 2.2 GHz. Comparing to its last generation, single core performance has improved by 75% and multicore performance has improved by 68%, so gaming is faster and smoother than ever.

The Kirin 710 chip on Y9 2019 is integrated with the TEE technology for facial recognition, which helps to protect facial characteristic detection, characteristic comparison and modular management, offering a comprehensive and secure solution for facial recognition to protect confidentiality and prevent data risk. The Kirin 710 chip also integrates the inSE security mechanism to achieve financial level security verification to enable secure and convenient mobile payment.

The Kirin 710 chip provides better communication performance with LTE Cat.12/13 standard (download speed: 600Mbps, upload speed: 150Mbps), you can now enjoy ultrafast network. It also provides VoLTE to both SIM cards, enabling more convenience and options among data plans.

Gaming Mode 2.0

The Uninterrupted Gaming Mode 2.0 helps to stop all the interruptions during the game time; it can filter unimportant notifications while incoming calls and text messages will only be shown as silent notifications so you can focus on your game. Y9 2019 also provides a Zero Interruptions Mode for serious gamers which temporarily turns off the voice call functions of both SIM cards, only keeping data connection available.

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