Huawei Y9 2019 targets millennials with its 6.5″ notched full view display


During the official launch of the Huawei Y9 to the Kenyan market, Steven Li, Huawei, Head of Eastern Africa Mobile, said that the device was designed with millennials in mind.

 “We are delighted to announce the arrival of the Huawei Y9 2019 into this market. We believe that it will be a favourite, mainly amongst Kenyan youth due to its favourable price and superior features,” said Li during the launch.

As a high-tech product tailored for young users, Huawei Y9 2019 features the new generation 6.5″ Notched Huawei FullView Display, with a high screen to body ratio and comfortable sleek design, users can experience cinematic-level visuals and smoother control. The delicate appearance and trendy colors are elegant yet stylish, and the youthful looks are always in fashion.

Some of the features that make the screen standout are as follows:

6.5″ Notched FullView Display Allows Wider Vision

Y9 2019 features the new generation 6.5″ Notched HUAWEI FullView Display, offering stunning full HD+ experience. And with INCELL touch screen and Chip On Flex (COF) screen technology, the screen is crystal clear with much narrower bezels, enabling the ultimate gaming vision.

Y9 2019 features a 16.70 million color IPS LCD, with the contrast ratio of 1500:1, messages and pictures are still explicit under sunlight. With 2340*1080 resolution and 397 PPI, the display is also integrated with visual enhancement algorithm which allows more details, so you can enjoy the excellent visual experiences for both videos and games.

Robust and Dynamic Appearance

Y9 2019 features a 6.5″ big screen and 3D curved glass panel design, while the screen is bigger than its last generation, it is still light and comfortable to hold. Y9 2019 offers a glossy outlook and refined touch experience, yet it is durable and robust for daily use, thus fitting the lifestyle of energetic young users perfectly.

Eye Comfort with FullView Display

Y9 2019 supports Eye Comfort Mode 3.0 which can dim the screen brightness to 3nit to reduce harmful blue light and digital strain, allowing you to read more comfortably in a darker environment. The Eye Comfort Mode 3.0 is officially verified by authority TÜV RHEINLAND; users reading ebook under Eye Comfort Mode 3.0 suffer less eye strain with suitable color temperature configuration and contrast restriction.

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