Huawei Stringing Together Final Digital Transformation Pieces

Digital transformation is part and parcel any company's success in today's day and age. The message around digital transformation is...


Huawei Stringing Together Final Digital Transformation Pieces

Digital transformation is part and parcel any company’s success in today’s day and age. The message around digital transformation is blasting through loudspeakers, coming through very clear at every keynote, panel discussion or article on how businesses can remain relevant and competitive in such an increasingly digital world.

But while many companies understand the buzz around digital transformation, they have not taken the necessary steps to ensure that the transformation happens in their organisation. Yes, the transformation is spreading like a wildfire, but even wildfire must have stuff to burn through. The businesses must provide the culture and ask the right questions for the transformation to encompass their operations. It is not just a catchy way to say ‘moving to the cloud.’ There must be an inherent change in the business strategy and understanding.

Huawei is one company driving the integration of digital technology into all areas of their business, fundamentally changing how they operate and deliver value to customers. Especially due to the fact that the digital transformation also revolves around people.

Rethinking and modernising their tech stack, adopting an agile IT mindset, crafting and deploying an integrated strategy, and putting the best people in the right places is part of what Huawei has done to ensure that their digital transformation went according to plan. Still part of the plan, they have sponsored the upcoming CIO100 Symposium and Awards, slated for 19 and 20 November.


IT will play an important role in driving digital transformation strategies, the work of implementing and adapting to the massive changes that go along with digital transformation falls to everyone. For this reason, digital transformation is a people issue, and for this reason, Huawei ensures that its people are not only tech-savvy, but up to date on what is needed to keep monitoring the progress of the digital uptake.

An important element of digital transformation is, of course, technology. But often, it’s more about shedding outdated processes and legacy technology than it is about adopting new tech while it should in fact be about enabling innovation. This is why the key driving factor behind Huawei is innovation. Through this ideology, Huawei has understood that they need to continue being more responsive to rapidly shifting customer needs. Innovation is not a one time clause.

In order to harness the potential of disruptive technologies and integrate them into new processes, organisation models, and ways of working, Huawei has ensured that they have built and managed their bionic capabilities so that they can continue driving their already clear-cut competitive advantage. This necessity has been accelerated by the pandemic in recent times.

Organisational inertia from deeply rooted behaviour is a big impediment when it comes to executing digital transformation. That is why Huawei has taken it upon themselves to change the narrative. Rather than focusing on cost savings, IT has become the primary driver of business innovation. Huawei has embraced this shift, requiring everyone in the company to rethink the role and impact of IT in their day-to-day experience.


Companies that are successful in mastering digital technologies such as Huawei, have gone off bat and established a digital mindset. This helps in implementing digital ways of working that can reach a new rhythm of continuous improvement. The very state of the digital world in always in flux, a reason why dynamism is important.

Owing to the changes brought about by the pandemic, the event will unfold virtually. The CIO100 Symposium and Awards will offer invaluable insights on the innovative tactics used by top tech people, and company’s, in today’s historically demanding environment. Plus, details of innovative projects that are positioning companies for current and longer-term success. CIO100 holds a space for the narrative of the industry, telling its stories through technologies.

Why CIO100? To acknowledge excellence in the adoption and use of IT within organisations – all of them, small, large or midi, appreciating the brilliant minds building products that responded to business needs and objectives. Also, patting these achievers on the back. This has over the last decade, catalysed innovation.

In its 11th year and still going strong, the CIO100 Awards fete 100 organisations that have shown outstanding results for leveraging technology to innovate ways of delivering business value, in a two-day summit.


The Awards recognise excellence in the adoption and use of ICT, awarding both the organisation and the Chief Information Officer (CIO), or an equivalent in the organisation. The winners of the CIO100 Awards are recognised at the CIO100 Symposium and Awards, a two-day high energy celebration of IT excellence, marked with networking opportunities and knowledge sharing that acknowledges the mark of enterprise excellence in the region.

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