Huawei sponsors #TheYearAhead 2020

Huawei technologies pens its commitment towards sponsoring the upcoming regional year ahead forum.

Adam Lane, Senior Director, Huawei Technologies speak at a past #TheYearAhead forum

Huawei Technologies has joined the bandwidth of the industry players who are sponsoring the regional 2020 #TheYearAhead in Nairobi.

Slated on the 6th February 2020 at the Serena Hotel, the forum is set to bring together technology industry players to explore the potential avenues of Turning Accelerated Disruption into Opportunities, as the requisition of spirit of the half day event.

“We appreciate your partnership towards enabling organisations in adopting a new workforce to deliver their strategy and retain top talent whilst continuing to be smarter and faster in this era of automation,” said Laura Chite, CEO CIO East Africa commenting on the event’s purpose, adding, “Join discussions on how to actualize the demands for agile development practices.”

The annual event in its 10th year running has a well laid agenda intended  to layout the most impacting technologies for the new decade and the growing concerns about how DX will affect the future of work, security, environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.

Aligned to speak include Mercy Wanjau, Ag. Director General, Communications Authority of Kenya, Laura Chite, CEO CIO East Africa, Adam Lane, Senior Director at Huawei Technologies in Kenya and Imran Chaudhrey, the Regional Account Manager East Africa at Fortinet among others.

Huawei Technologies is a multinational technology company that  provides telecommunications equipment and sells consumer electronics and smartphones among other products.

The company is popularly known for researching the impact of internet and internet enabled devices to human lives and the power of the unavoidable, most promising 4th industrial revolution also 4IR.

Represented by the Senior Director at Huawei in Kenya, Adam Lane, the global telecoms giant will explore how enterprise community and public sector can survive the world of intelligent and interconnected devices.

Lane, an internet enthusiast wrote on his twitter handle that, ” At Huawei, I research new projects to connect those still unconnected to the internet and I am excited by the impact I can have changing their lives.”

CIO East Africa organizes a wide range of events, designed to create ongoing dialogue about the effective use of information and communication technology in modern businesses, the latest key trend and issues and the way in which the changing economic, social, and regulatory environments affect both the use and sale of ICT.

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