How to apply for the CIO 100 survey online

Submissions for the CIO 100 Survey are set to be closed on the 15th of September. Celebrating your digital leap is no doubt a celebration of the industry. Against this backdrop, CIO East Africa every year conducts a CIO100 Survey examining how organisations in both public and private sector purchase, deploy and use IT.

There are three sections to the online application:

Part I: Asks for basic information about the nominated organisation.

Part II: Seeks to unearth ICT adoption and usage in your organisation.

Part III: Includes questions (in multiple-choice, short answer and essay formats) about the business value of the nominated initiative and includes multiple-choice questions plus an essay section.

You can leave the website and return as many times as necessary to complete the application by bookmarking the page in your Web browser. Before you leave the application, remember to click the “Save” button at the bottom of the form. Do not click the “Submit” button until your application is complete. If you cannot go back to your application kindly send an email to, with the name of the application or company name requesting for a link to the application.

When completing Part II, we suggest that you discuss your responses with the relevant management within your organisation, such as the key IT managers/Heads of ICT and business-unit leaders who are major players in the project or initiative you are describing in the application. Be aware that once you have clicked on the “Submit” button, you cannot revise your answers.

If you have information about your project (such as internal metrics) that you would prefer not be  published, but which you would like us to consider as part of your application, please note this in the text box where the information appears or where asked to do so specifically in the application. Information not labeled in this way will be considered by CIO East Africa editors to be publishable.

To participate in the survey, simply submit a project or two and get the acknowledgment you and your team deserve for this coveted awards, just click here.

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