How the traditional marketing mix can assist in your digital marketing efforts


The most successful marketing campaigns use a mix of digital and traditional marketing. A digital marketing approach may work for a specific campaign, but at its essence, a mix of both traditional and digital mixes can be the right combination for a fruitful marketing campaign.

What is the digital marketing mix?

Basically, the digital marketing mix has the same elements as the traditional marketing mix, which is made up of the information that includes place, product, price and promotion. However, in digital marketing, the 5th marketing mix is introduced which the element of people.

When all these strategies are applied to the digital marketing mix, digital marketing campaigns can be improved drastically.

The traditional marketing mix does not include the target market and is there for outdated in digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing places an emphasis on the importance of the target market and homing into your specific audience.

Contemporary vs traditional marketing methods

Using newer marketing methods in today’s technological age and can increase your client base however, completely replacing traditional marketing methods can have less than the desired outcome from efforts.

A traditional marketing mix is carried out via a newspaper, physical mailbox, tv, radio, print advertisements or direct mail rather than potential customers having to go online to find your business or service.

The most effective marketing strategy includes a healthy mix of both. Having them work together will impact positivity on your marketing efforts.

Integrating tradition and digital marketing mix

Marketing today cannot ignore new digital marketing techniques however traditional consumer behavior must also be kept in mind.  For many businesses reaching the right marketing mix is key to achieving the best results, but it’s often easier said than done. This is where gaining a clear understanding of the traditional vs digital marketing approach is important.

More and more people are using the internet each day, which includes the purchasing of goods and service. So, more than ever the integration of both marketing methods is of significance.

For larger companies who have a well-established target audience, it makes sense to choose to lean more towards traditional marketing, in the same way, digital marketing offers a smaller business a less expensive form of marketing.

So, it is safe to say that incorporating traditional thinking into a modern-day digital approach is the way to grow your target audience and perhaps even retain the audience that you have.

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