How machine learning, AI can help primary healthcare


The care for patients has always been based on decision making depending on the kind of information that you have acquired from the patients. Health officers have for a long time relied on their skills, acquired experience and make judgments. But the changing times have led to the discovery of certain technologies to help both doctors and patients for easy medical decision making and practice.

The use of Artificial intelligence (AI) technology in health has not been so common up to the late years. This is simply because so many great thinkers, such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates, have criticized the move. However, the use of AI technology can help improve the standards of healthcare even though there has been minimal use of it in the healthcare industry. The major challenge is the complexity of the healthcare. Before you can make a judgment on one’s health you will need to collect information on demographic and physiology and many other things, and also bank on the psychology of the patient to respond to treatment quickly. One of the setbacks of Artificial intelligence is the inability to help patients adhere to drugs according to the way it’s required.

Doctors do require information of the patient regarding their response to medication, diet and various activities they indulge in so that they can be able to prescribe drugs to them without difficulty. Replete Health Ecosystem allows patients to keep a record of medications they are using, and in case of any reactions to their current drugs the doctor will receive a notification and he will advise the patient accordingly. On top of that, the patients can also use it to access all their history on health and assess their care which can be shared with other providers.

The patient will not feel the pressure of getting to remember how they are feeling when they are asked every now and then. They will just need to spend very little time on the app since the doctor has a direct access to all the information. Replete health’s aim is to foster constant communication between the doctor and the patient, to improve the standards of healthcare. You don’t have to intrude into the personal lives of the user for you to improve health outcomes. All that is needed is the valuable data that is collected from the ecosystem to help in addressing and countering health care related issues.

IoT and AI Summit 2018

To succeed in the digital era, businesses have to stretch their boundaries. This requires rethinking their business model, deciding how to transform into digital businesses and making the right technology investments to become digital leaders.

Businesses can no longer afford to be laggards in adopting new technologies or in how software applications are implemented. Adopting AI strategies can spur growth, shape new markets and reach new customers.

To facilitate and contribute to this transformation, we are hosting the IoT and AI Summit 2018 which takes place in Nairobi, Kenya.

Who should attend:

This conference has been conceptualized as a knowledge sharing and networking platform for CIOs, CMOs, CTOs and Chief Digital Officers, senior innovation heads, digital, product development and customer experience leaders to interact with IoT, Big Data, AI and other technology thought leaders and solutions providers which will enable retailers to deliver the right retail experience at the right time to customers to inspire lifelong brand loyalty and become efficient and more profitable.

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(Venkat Timmaraju is the founder and CEO of Replete Health)

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