HMD Global – The Home of Nokia Phones – Unveils No Time To Die Campaign Starring Lashana Lynch

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Agent Nomi on assignment with the Nokia mystery phone.

HMD Global, home to Nokia phones, has just announced it is the official phone partner for the 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die. This will be Nokia’s first-ever 5G smartphone. The mystery phone will also be 00s actual phone. Their video advertisement features 32-year-old British actress Lashana Lynch as Agent Nomi.

Inspired by the 007 film and directed by BAFTA Award-winning director Amma Asante, this commercial is part of HMD Global’s largest ever global marketing campaign. Amma goes on to say, “I am always drawn to projects portraying women as strong and intellectual. The campaign script was beautifully crafted to present Nomi as a kick-ass agent unafraid to go up against the bad guys all the while maintaining her irreverent humour.” It will highlight Nokia smartphones as The Only Gadget You’ll Ever Need. Filmed against the singular London skyline featuring St Paul’s and The Shard, we see Agent Nomi using the only gadget she will ever need on a mission.

Juho Sarvikas, HMD Global Chief Product Officer breaks it down. “Trust, security and iconic quality design are the foundations every Nokia phone is built on. Adding to that, our values reflect the values of No Time to Die and the trailblazing new 00 agent, Nomi. We take great pride in making the latest technology accessible to everyone.”

As is to be expected, film-goers will be treated to an entire range of Nokia phones in the film. This brings together a multiplatform campaign sweeping cinema, digital, social, OOH through to retail. Nokia launches the phone internationally on International Women’s Day which falls on Sunday, 8th March. A minute and a half long video will uncover The Only Gadget(s) You’ll Ever Need. 


But, this will remain a secret following a brief sighting because it will be officially unveiled on the 19th of March. No Time To Die opens in the UK cinemas on 12th November 2020, giving the market enough time to enjoy it. That will be the time to celebrate two of their most iconic phones, Nokia 7.2 with a powerful 48MP triple camera with Quad Pixel technology and ZEISS Optics, and the unforgettable classis, the Nokia 3310 fans know and love. This collaboration allows HMD Global to reiterate its status as a universal provider of Android smartphones. It underscores the seriousness with which Nokia handles security, innovation and speed – enough to match the lifestyle of an MI6 agent.

Speaking about her experience with HMD Global Latasha explained, “My first phone was actually a Nokia 3210 when I was about 10. In retrospect, it was my smartphone of the 90’s. Being able to change the buttons and faces as I played Snake blew my mind! Seeing how much Nokia smartphones have evolved over the years from then till now makes it exciting to play Nomi as the character who helps unveil a new smartphone.”

Juho concludes, “The announcement to postpone the movie launch to 12 November has ensured us a most exciting year ahead especially with the momentum we will gain from the build up. Few cultural properties place technology at the heart of their appeal akin to No Time To Die. The film’s commitment to innovation, paired with the amazing technology built into each Nokia smartphone, making our devices the only gadget that anyone – even a 00 agent – will ever need, makes this partnership a real force to be reckoned with.”


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