HerNovation Roundtable to kick-start the tone of CIO100 Symposium 2018

Laura Chite CEO, CIO East Africa

With only hours left to the premier HerNovation Roundtable – an inspirational  women in tech curated by CIO East Africa, all roads are now headed at Enashipai Resort in, Naivasha Kenya.

It is overly believed that cultural biases have consistently overrated men and underrated women. Self-assessment studies show that men and women do the same to themselves. Women tend to evaluate themselves two points lower than reality, while men will evaluate themselves two points higher.

Women often assume other women as incompetent, which in part, explain why women traditionally haven’t been so great at helping each other up the ladder. That’s changing however, with the plethora of organizations and initiatives dedicated to women supporting women.  A revolution is here; a level of collaboration among women as we have never seen before! The HerNovation.

HerNovation is a one of a kind event hosted by and for women across the east African region and aimed at pulling more women into the tech space. It couldn’t come at a better time than now when the government of Kenya is pushing for the 2/3 gender rule.

Assumed incompetence has constantly put women on the defensive and their struggle to prove themselves keeps them on a never-ending treadmill but not anymore! HerNovation is here to make women feel held to a higher standard, so it’s not their imagination, it’s the reality.

Speaking at the event will be Laura Chite, the CEO CIO East Africa, an exultant leader and influencer who will be the keynote speaker. She will address on how to enhance women’s skills portfolio and celebrate gender diversity in the world’s fastest growing digital industry that breaks barriers and further teaches how to transcend the last generation of women.

Other speakers include; Dr Kate Getao the ICT Secretary, Ministry of ICT, Kenya who shall be addressing the need to Improve Technology Culture for Women, Anna Collard, the Managing Director, Popcorn Training, South Africa who will elaborate on the Tech trends women in business need to know. Also speaking will be Agnes Gathaiya, the CEO IPSL who will bring down mechanisms of Coping between work and home among many others.

The topical issues curated for meticulous session range from Getting effective in the Boardroom, Becoming the She Legend in a Male dominated Space and Being a Female Entrepreneur in Tech World among others.

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