#Hernovation deliberately budding women into technology

Laura Chite, CEO CIO East Africa at a past event. (Photo by Arthur Kuwashima)

he HerNovation forum, derided from ‘her and innovation’, loosely implies to women in the innovation space and was ‘born’ nearly a year ago to help grow women and enhance inclusivity in the East Africa technology space. It then officially launched in Nairobi and its theme aligned to the then International Women’s Day; Balance For Better that thrives to bud more women into the tech space.

The annual forum on its first year, will be held on the 20th November 2109 at the Lake Naivasha Resort and will host top female technology professionals within the region.

As Laura Chite, the CEO CIO East Africa and a Co-Founder of HerNovation says, it is a platform that aims to deliberately overcome the stereotypes and socialization that have since time immemorial withheld women from thriving in the space.


She says; “HerNovation is a women in technology programme targeting professional women for a career growth focusing on the soft skills.”

Hernovation achieves the goal by offering Business Networking sessions, Business Mentorships and Soft Skills Trainings. It also has a segment in the CIO East Africa Magazine that profiles and fetes women who’ve had a great impact in the technology space.


“In the quest of driving an agenda that would accelerate women to secure leadership roles, I got together a group of ladies and gentlemen with similar interests and we kick started HerNovation a programme running in tandem with the CIO East Africa summits,” noted Laura adding; “Since embarking on the journey, I have noted that the HerNovation key objectives are achieved through partnerships with NGOs, IGOS, Corporate, Public sector and individuals.”

With stats that depict dismal numbers of women CEOs in the corporate circles, the platform also endeavours to impact women with the desirable skills for the management roles in areas where little movement of women is seen to make up to the high-ranking
positions as company leaders and further granted the support to offer leadership, more
push is required.


“Today, although women still push to reach the top, they are faced with a range of challenges that many of their male CEO counterparts don’t have an understanding of,” adds Laura.

These issues prevent the women from achieving their goal of becoming leaders at their company and diminishing their ability to get ahead in business. It is women themselves  supported by like minded men who would tilt the matrix.

The Hernovation forum will, among other agendas discuss; ‘Harnessing the Power of Limitlessness’,   ‘Building Alliance with Decision-makers’, ‘Dealing with negative thoughts as a woman’ and ‘Trusting one’s inner voice’.

To register, please click on  https://events.cio.co.ke/event/hernovation-2019/




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