#Hernovation Awards WIT At A Virtual Quiz

At a recent #Hernovatio virtual quiz, women won Ksh 70,000/ worth of a voucher for mitigation against the adverse effects of COVID-19.


#Hernovation, a platform that aims to empower women in technology across East Africa with soft skills and other desirable leadership qualities, recently hosted a virtual quiz awarding the winning team with Ksh 70,000/ worth of a voucher.

Purposed to brighten the dark coronavirus cloud that has continued to impact people differently, the challenge hosted about 30 women from the technology space.

Speaking at the virtual quiz challenge, Laura Chite, CEO CIO East Africa and a Co-Founder of Hernovation thanked the ladies for their participation saying, “Am glad you made time for the virtual quiz. It is a way of reconnecting with friends and colleagues we’ve not been together with due to social distancing.”

Laura further noted that other than for connecting, the challenge was aimed to enhance work ethics among a virtual work team of ladies who often get overwhelmed with family roles especially while working from home. She added that moving forward, the challenge will train ladies on the desirable adaptability skills for working from home and how to balance work responsibilities with home duties.

When living with the coronavirus pandemic has proven a no walk in the park globally, women have been reported to be more susceptible to conditions like depression. The challenge was, therefore, to alleviate such troubles among the section in technology.

Having caused the closure of formal and informal work leading to a loss of income, the pandemic left many families turning to negative coping strategies to bring in money or reduce the cost of living. The virtual #HerNovation challenge, facilitated by Eddy Kimani, awarded the Ksh 70,000/ as a mitigation against the adverse effects of the pandemic.

The participating teams included Q1, that took a lead with 2351 points, followed by The Legends with 2283 points. The third best team was The Tigers followed by Sharks and then Stacy, in that order.

The challenge included a cluster of 10 questions from 6 categories; TV and Movie series, Sports, Random events, Technology, History, and Hervovation.

In her winning speech, Ester Musyimi, the team lead for Q1 – the winning team – appreciated the idea of bringing women together during such hard times when social distancing and work from home order has barred women from making contact with one another.

“It was nice participating in the virtual quiz,” she said. “Thanks to Laura Chite and her team for hosting the challenge and to Eddy for facilitation.”

She added that it came in handy when the pandemic has caused the closure of formal and informal work leading to a loss of income and restraining contact among colleagues.

The virtual challenge was hosted for the first time and eye continuation should the social distancing order continue.

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