Hernovation a year on

    Laura Chite CEO CIO EA, speaking during the CIO100 Awards and symposium

    Ever since the inception of the Hernovation program, the idea of empowering women in tech has been slowly emerging into a reality. The latest juncture of the program unfolded at the CIO 100 Awards and Symposium, in Naivasha on the 20th of November. Where, the notion of conceptualising a platform that enhances and promotes inclusivity of women into the wave of digitisation were deliberated to a lengthy level.

    Laura Chite was at hand to say “Progress in 2019, the room is full, we have new partners on board, new sponsors and a reinvigorated focus. A focus to work on communication skills, leadership development and emotional development”

    As with any high level inclusivity, more opportunities would become available for women in the tech space, and to help accelerate businesses in the same stride. With the focus of Hernovation primed to heighten momentum on the ways and means of involving men in more inclusive work, consistent with connections on the way forward.

    A year on, Hernovation has gained an even greater foothold, in establishing, and embracing diversity as a people strategy in the tech work space. This is by, primarily focusing on sharing experiences, lined to explore and inspire talents, continuously closing the gender gaps, whilst attaining the constant goals of: Uplifting women in tech, fostering information and collaboration and leadership skills to women, boosting the degree of self confidence.


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