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Picture this, close your eyes and visualise a workplace. No, not a grubby, old workplace that reeks of mouldy files; not a workplace that has bland and uninspiring furniture; a workplace with plexiglass or acrylic shields, touchless technology, and furniture that energises. Office spaces with no personality are on the way out. The uniqueness of a company, and a company’s brand can be reflected in their place of work. This is where Workstyle come in.

Workstyle is one such company that flows along the tangent of digitisation and the technology landscape. They are a are a fast-growing premium service office provider with two operational locations covering 2,000 sqm (currently under expansion to 4,000 sqm) in Nairobi.

With the understanding that space is all that is needed to transform ideas, grow businesses and establish firm roots to thrive, Workstyle has gone ahead and created exquisitely designed offices that are well equipped to inspire and grow ideas. The locations are well situated, with flexible membership plans, excellently designed suite of amenities, with a diverse community network, Workstyle provide you and your business with a launchpad for ideas, and a space for collaboration & growth.

“Workstyle was born out of its founders looking for a high-quality and cost-effective flexible office solution for their businesses – all we could find were traditional offices that required high capex investment and long term commitments, or in the flexible office segment either poor quality, dense options at one end of the spectrum, or boring, expensive options at the other end of the spectrum.” said Ronald Nyairo, co-founder at Workstyle Africa.

He continued, “we set ourselves the challenge to carefully and thoughtfully create the perfect blend of hospitality level service, avant-garde design, vibrant community and premium buildings all in one flexible, cost-effective package. Increasingly businesses want space as a service, they prefer to focus on their core business, they want the flexibility to change requirements at short notice, and they want to create a world class office experience for their people, whether they are a team of 2, 3 or 50. Nearly all of our clients are private office clients and we offer them anything from a fully furnished and managed ready to go office, to a custom designed solution where we work with them to design to their requirements, and then execute and operate the solution thereafter.”

Owing to the sudden changes brought about by the pandemic, many entities have been forced to change their mode of doing business, or forced down a dangerous loop of bankruptcy, flirting with closure. On the other hand, Workstyle flipped the switch on the pandemic and understood the silver lining, that being remote work spaces and flexibility, knowing that the future will be a hybrid. “Offices will need to evolve. While companies have adopted remote work and seen some benefits, there are also challenges around effective collaboration, onboarding, networking, and of course in the African context power and internet interruptions especially to homes. So many companies are crafting hybrid solutions, part remote, part office; and when you only use your office some of the time, flexible offices are even more compelling and more cost-effective,” explained Nyairo.

When employees return to the office, their modus operandi will not be as it was. Few employees will feel comfortable being in the workplace for a full eight hours. Companies will likely adopt a staggered work schedule. That is why flexibility is a key point in the process of remote work. And that is why it is part and personal of Workstyle’s mission.

It is important to understand how the workplace has to undergo changes to keep up with the demands of such a fast-paced world. Through being wary of the pandemic, people have become increasingly aware of their surroundings. Similarly, they will now become very aware of their work surroundings. The license to ensuring well being, productivity of employees whilst remote working, comes in the form of technology.

“We are incorporating technology to enhance the Workstyle experience. Our app allows our members to manage bookings, connect within our community, make service requests, and access account information anywhere, anytime. We are continually investing in digital, including to help teams with part-remote, part-office models to manage capacity.” This gave rise to Workstyle have linked dynamism into their operations, giving meaning to work and collaboration.

Taking into consideration the emotional well-being of employees, Workstyle’s services are not limited to spaces only. They focus on striking the right balance between collaboration and privacy, adding ergonomic furniture wherever possible, and creating much-needed third places for employees to disconnect and relax.

“The future will be a hybrid. So, in a world with remote working becoming a part of the mainstream, companies will still need spaces for face to face collaboration, for onboarding and culture building, networking and meetings.”

Happy employees make successful companies. Companies that want to be successful have to start thinking about work spaces as an added creative advantage to their workforce. In most cases, companies build with technology in mind, not people. Workstyle, on the other hand, have built with people as well as technology in mind. When an office is designed well, with the human (body and spirit) in mind, it allows employees to be just a little more blissful at work.

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