Hackers breach National Bank systems making off with Ksh 29m


Hackers have breached the National Bank of Kenya systems making away with Ksh 29 million.

Confirming the incident through a statement on their twitter handle, @National_Bank,  National Bank confirmed the incident stating that indeed there was an attempt fraud in normal course of business on 17th January but the banks monitoring and security resources frustrated the attempt

“The amount of attempted fraud is about Ksh 29 million and we are confident we will recover most of that money,” read the statement.

The bank also confirmed that security are in pursuit of the fraudsters and investigations are ongoing .

However, National Bank also stated that customer accounts have not been affected and the latest social media speculation on the potential loss is incorrect.

It had been claimed that the bank has lost over Ksh 340 million, claims which the bank has since refuted.


  1. Most Kenyan banks, I have noted, are flying blind in the area of basic web security.

    You would think that it is common senses for a Bank to enforce secure connection or HTTPS to their website right?

    After all, in the era of Online/Internet Banking , we send them personal and sensitive information over the internet such as Name, ID/Passport details, Our Credit/Debit Cards numbers and even transact over the internet.

    So why, pray tell, would a bank in the 21st Century simply not have SSL Certificates?

    Unless they are simply being lazy cheap or calling attention to themselves and their customers to be hacked.

    We are looking at you:
    Equity Bank
    CBA group
    Consolidated Bank
    Guardian Bank.

    I’m not a hacker, but following NBK’s plight, you could be next. Are you ready to flush 29m down the toilet?

  2. A bank whose website has no SSL certificate does not take security issues seriously. I have seen simple blogs with encrypted server to user connections. How about a bank that is entrusted the custody of large sums of money? Something is not right. When you see such a large commercial bank hacked, you start asking yourself questions such as: Who are their system administrator, information systems admin, web designer, etc.

  3. We have seen lots of cases like this not in Kenya but everywhere in the world. this is going so higher. even after a great security we failed at the time of safety of our things. this is important to secure your website with SSL. as this is a matter of your security.


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