Google Announces Major Updates To Its Live Video Conferencing Platform

Google Meet, formerly known as Google Hangouts, is fast becoming the premier video conferencing facility. A showdown with Zoom on the cards? Possibly.


Over the last 2 months, Google has announced major updates to its G Suite platform. These updates are part of Google’s commitment to continue improving users’ experience globally. Most significant are the changes made to Google Meet, Google’s premium video conferencing platform.Google Meet is available as part of the G Suite Package for Business but also free on the Gmail platform.

Some key features worth noting include the impenetrable security that it enjoys as being part of the robust Google Infrastructure; it can accommodate 100+ in a call with up to 49 visible, including yourself in the tiled format: in call polling for quick consensus; low band width usage as it prioritizes audio over video for spoty internet connections and jamboard, an online whiteboard that makes for fun brainstorming & interactive sessions- sticky notes, scribbles and all.

“It is our hope that these changes will help individuals and teams feel more connected while apart,” said Monica Wanjiku, Demand Generation Executive at BusinessCom Africa. “Seeing more people at the same time can allow you to see reactions to what’s being discussed and more easily track multiple speakers. It helps virtual meetings feel more like in-person meetings and encourages participation,” she added.

Google Meet has also introduced a background blur feature to help limit user distractions during meetings. This follows the recent introduction of a noise cancellation feature that together with the blur gives users the ability to filter out background disruptions, thus helping them be more productive during meetings.

“As Google works to ensure the user experience is improved every day, we remain committed to availing these and more innovative solutions to those who need them. Our goal is to simplify and transform how you work so that you enjoy a life you don’t need a holiday from,” said John Schmidt, GEO (Google Evangelist Officer), Businesscom. “We ensure your transition to the Cloud is as smooth and secure as possible by providing tools that will enable your enterprise to grow and compete in the modern world,” he added.


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