GIGANET Launches Data Center Solutions


The GIGANET Brand has been known for Cabling Infrastructure for many years with quality products, competitive prices, meeting international standards with industry-recognized certifications.

GIGANET Networking solutions UK has launched solutions for Micro Edge Datacenters (MDC) and full Datacenter solutions to meet the growing demand  for digital services via mobile devices for computing, storage, networking, and processing at the Edge to cater for higher data throughput applications, wi-fi 6, IoT, AI .

The main drivers of MDC are scalability, speed of deployment, latency, security, cost savings, greater reliability, and outsourcing to the cloud and co-location services . The MDC is best suited for hyper converged infrastruc-ture to support edge computing over traditional server rooms. MDC deployments  benefits include reduced de-ployment time, simplified management, and lower maintenance and capital costs

The GIGANET MDC  cabinet comes with built in Cooling, UPS , Power Distribution, security, and Datacenter  Infrastructure Management (DCIM) with monitoring sensors. The MDC is physically secured, easy to deploy, and remotely manageable.

The GIGANET pre-configured models are available in single phase 3Kva, 6Kva and 10Kva for SME and branch offices. Customized MDC models are also available. MDC are assembled and tested in a factory environment before shipping.

The Data Center solutions include Containment for cold aisle / hot aisle  with data Centre high quality cabinets , Fiber plug n Play ,Fiber overhead  Fiber runners , Fiber and Copper Trunks, Cable Management , Intelligent PDUs , UPS , Power Distribution , UPS , In-row cooling with DCIM.

The GIGANET Data Center Containment with hot aisle / cold aisle configuration makes existing cooling and power infrastructure more efficient, reducing energy consumption and improve overall equipment performance and efficiency and saving utility and maintenance cost.

The GIGANET containment with the point of delivery (PoD) with In row cooling in between racks with dedicated UPS ,  power management, high-density Plug n Play fiber, cable management, and DCIM with sensors makes deployment of PODs simple to install and manage.

GIGANET containment systems have been installed at leading data centers, ISPS, carriers and co-location Data Centers in Kenya and Africa.

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