Fortinet calls on SACCOs to digitally transform

Imran Chaudhrey, Country Manager Fortinet Photo by Arthur Kuwashima

We are sending and receiving more data than we can process in every single moment. We are even spending more money online than we ever before intended to. This is a drive for digital transformation, also the 4.0 industrial revolution. But who is driving Digital Transformation?

“The millennial unlike generation Z would sit in an office set up from 8 to 5 but the later will want to work entirely from home.” Imran Chaudhrey, County Manager for Fortinet.

Imran likens SACCOs with the older generation who unlike millennials and GenZ, like to conform in a particular set of operational standards, what he insisted is outdated in this era of Digital Transformation that is going to optimize work done.

He describes Digital Transformation as the integration of digital technologies into all the business operations resulting into fundamental changes on how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers.

He takes SACCOs through the four elements of digital transformation which include; Transformation Products, Optimizing Business, Digital technologies, empowerment of employees and engaging customers.

He however appreciated that transformations are hard but even harder is digitally transforming, yet still challenged SACCOs to rise beyond the transformation bar and do it digitally. SACCOs should disrupt traditional enterprises by digital native competitors and adopt multiple technologies for seamless experience.

SACCOs should also incorporate Security Integration into their digital transformation journey, what he calls the amalgamation of security into all areas of digital transformation , resulting in a security Architecture that provides a continuous Trust Assessment.


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