Forcepoint to host cyber security event focusing on human centric approach model


Forcepoint, a leading cybersecurity solution provider in Africa is set to host a cyber security event focusing on the importance of moving from a threat –centric approach to human centered protection initiative.

CIO East Africa partnered with Forcepoint to organize the event slated on the 14th of June which over the years has been a breakfast series  for varied industry players. The event themed “How to Adopt a Human-Centric Approach to Cybersecurity” targets the C-level executives in the manufacturing and Financial Services Industry.

“We are delighted to organize the upcoming Forcepoint cyber security event,” said Ms Laura Chite, CEO – CIO East Africa adding: “2018 has been a critical year for companies in relation to security whether it’s a cyber attacks or data leakage. Forcepoint made a deliberate approach to address matters cyber security by changing the whole approach intended to deliver impact into enterprises. This new approach is lined to encourage decision makers to make appropriate steps to secure their systems.”

According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2017, 81 percent of data breaches were caused by the hijacking of user credentials by hackers to gain access to internal systems and data. The traditional approach of blocking threats that legacy vendors continue to offer is insufficient to fight the battle.

Forcepoint is transforming cybersecurity through a new approach that emphasizes the  understanding of human behavior and user interaction with critical data over networks of different trust levels to combat the use of compromised credentials.

In line with the company’s mantra “Reinventing cybersecurity by protecting information where it’s most valuable and most vulnerable” Forcepoint recently released a report on 2018 Security Predictions.

“Our predictions for 2018 showcase a myriad of challenges for those tasked with protecting people, data and networks. While each may involve a unique set of security technologies, there is not a single prediction that does not contain a human element, whether it be the need to preserve user privacy in the face of ever increasing regulations or making sure our personal data, once aggregated, doesn’t fall into the wrong hands,” the report stated.

In addition: “After all, people and security are not a dichotomy; users have the potential to unintentionally compromise their own systems in one minute and be the source of innovation in the next, but only if we truly understand the human-centric root of risk.”

The informative breakfast series is a must attend for Manufacturing, Telecoms and Retail industries C-level executives, with well-established Information Security Specialist figure in the local South African and Sub-Saharan market and Forcepoint Regional Sales Manager Christo van Staden discussing the role people-centric security plays in protecting intellectual property and other valuable content in the next generation of cyber threats.

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