Forcepoint banks on human centric cyber security approach

Nicolas Fischbach, Global CTO, Forcepoint

Through the recent advancements of online interfaces and technologies, the precedence of cyber security in an increasingly digital world has been heralded as vital for the sustenance of digital growth. On September 12, 2019, the Human-Centric cyber security event unfolded. It encompassed Forcepoint’s approach to how digital transformation, inside the enterprise is key.

The event revolved around the various ways in which Forcepoint are able to seal up loopholes in an enterprises cyber defense protocol, while utilizing features such as predictive analysis to time and track the perpetrators. This comes at a time when the business ecosystem has become stimulated towards the positives brought around by technology, as with anything new, the drawbacks that are in question are almost always related to cybercrime.

Mr. Nicolas Fischbach, the CTO of Forcepoint, was at hand to say “Forcepoint delivers cloud-first hybrid ready solutions, via a dynamic security platform powered by behavioral intelligence” he further went on to add, “Forcepoint cloud and network protection solutions help organizations securely accelerate digital transformation”

With cyber security platforms now leveraging on the cloud, it has led to an even greater transfer of power to the socio economic sectors, leading to their development whilst ensuring their sensitive data is not being breached.

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