Focus Softnet launches Focus 9 in Middle East and Africa

The Focus Softnet management team at the launch of Focus 9

Focus Softnet, a leading software development and enterprise applications provider, has announced the global launch of its next-generation ERP solution, the Focus 9.

Focus 9 is built on the next-generation in-memory computing technology and other upgraded features to amplify speed and efficiency of operations. It forms a strong connection between the enterprise and its workforce, business networks and departments and integrates data from divergent resources.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Focus 9, our breakthrough ERP solution in the Middle East and Africa region. Powered by Pronghorn server ,our feature-rich proprietary design, which is equipped with a hybrid in-memory computing engine. It will offer businesses swift, intelligent and secure transactions. It will be available to our customers as on-premise, SaaS-on-premise and SaaS-on-cloud versions,” says Ali Hyder, the Group CEO of Focus Softnet.

The converged infrastructure solution coherently combines the structured and unstructured business data to dynamically generate meticulous analysis reports entailed to promulgate critical insights for informed decision making. The progressed framework enhances ERP workload performance and simplifies business operations while also dramatically improving user interface experience.

The revolutionary new system architecture of Focus 9 equips organizations with the power of the ERP, enabling scalability, mobility and governance while offering advanced security, facilitating real-time insights with advanced data-processing capabilities and providing faster access to business process information anytime and anywhere.

“Organizations need to have information about where the data is coming from, where it is going, and who is using it. The absence of an apt data governance tool revokes discovery, tracking, and organization of data assets. Focus 9 addresses key industry challenges with its hybrid database feature that provides a reliable system to store massive data and run queries from the information contained at blazing fast data processing speeds.” Hyder.

Focus 9 also provides easy and efficient integration across modules and vertical specific systems in virtually any business environment, be it trading, manufacturing, services, real estate, healthcare or academia. With a single sign-on and single menu integration with Centra CRM, the application equips organizations with Campaign Management, Lead Qualification, Sales Planning and Forecasting taking the whole sales cycle workflow to cash realization and cash flow forecast.

Industry-ready templates make deployment for verticals such as automobile, real estate, facilities management and other service related industries faster, reduces IT costs for customization, follows industry standards and improves the solution’s usability and performance.

Since the inception of its first product (version), Focus Softnet has laid special emphasis on continuous R&D, taking into consideration customer feedback before developing new products. In this light, Focus 9 is built to be flexible and being a thin client application, it offers organizations the advantage of lower hardware costs as no investment is needed on powerful servers.

It comes pre-equipped with Single Sign-On (SSO) data-security mechanism, providing convenient single login for all business applications. Another great benefit of the system is that it is fully mobile and can be accessed on any device at anytime from anywhere. This device independence offers great flexibility which is vital for organizations functioning in multiple locations.

No matter how robust your system is, hierarchical approvals and crisis escalations are essential for effective business performance. With all the complexities of business surrounding you, and systems that you need to adhere to, the least we can do is provide an easy to use, intuitive system which is a breeze to operate.



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