FABS sponsors IoT and AI Summit to spur difference with the emerging technologies

Karien Bornheim, CEO, FABS to speak at the IoT and AI Summit.

Footprint Africa Business Solutions (FABS) has sponsored the upcoming Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit slated on 16th – 17th August, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya under the silver sponsorship flagship.

The first of its kind in East Africa, the IoT and AI Summit themed, “Harnessing the Power of IoT & AI to Drive Customer Experience” is organised by CIO East Africa for companies to realise the full potential of IoT enablement, whilst combining IoT and AI to simulate intelligent behaviour and make well- informed decisions with little or no human intervention.

“FABS is currently working with various Ministries in the region to identify IoT solutions that can make a tangible difference in the lives of people and communities, such as bringing basic healthcare to people living in remote areas, reducing the distance between the patient and healthcare practitioner using IoT. This partnership with CIO East Africa will ensure that we get to capture and address the resulting transformation of IoT and AI,” said Karien Bornheim, CEO, FABS.

IoT is real and can drive real results today, says FABS, while the demand for IoT is certainly growing, most providers are still far too focused on the technology and not communicating the business value proposition to their clients.

“While tapping into IoT is only one part of the story, it is evident that for companies to realize the full potential of IoT enablement, they need to combine IoT with rapidly advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, which enable ‘smart machines’ to simulate intelligent behaviour and make well-informed decisions with little or no human intervention” Laura Chite, CEO CIO East Africa said.

This means that they are not translating IoT solutions into tangible business value for their clients, and that is slowing down adoption rates.

“Many people, when they speak about IoT, use the example of the fridge that is going to order the product that you are about to run out of automatically and it will just get delivered to your door. That is probably the worst example of IoT making a real difference in lives. That is not only what IoT is about,” said Peter Shaw, engineer at FABS.

IoT must fulfil certain criteria. IoT must take information from the real physical world and pull that information through to a platform to create an interface with the real world.

A conversation set to spur debate during the two day summit, to ensure you don’t receive third party information be sure to join us. Register here


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