ESET Inks Collaboration Deal For Cloud And Security Summit

ESET has joined forces with CIO East Africa in playing an enormous role around creating dialogue between industry leaders on how and why security needs to be front and centre when businesses are adopting to cloud networks. #CIOCSS


Security issues in the cloud are creeping up, and stalking the benefits cloud migration provides for companies. The growth of the cloud has not only highlighted the benefits of the cloud but also illuminated security drawbacks that exist in cohesion with the cloud. Question is, can we eliminate these security issues?

Large companies are now using cloud computing technology to build, deploy, and migrate to cloud-based environments. As data continues to move to the cloud, many cybersecurity professionals are scratching their heads when it comes to maintaining the security of their cloud environments.

Most security issues in the cloud are centred around data and access because the majority of shared responsibility models in cloud computing services leave those two aspects completely up to the customers.

As a result, attackers have been targeting their focus on this potential security vulnerability. This goes to show that cloud security is quite dynamic, majorly depending on how well the end-user understands and addresses the cloud computing security risks and vulnerabilities.

Fortunately, cloud security risks can be largely mitigated by following cloud security best practices. The best security practices are being let by world-class cybersecurity company Eset. The company is a pioneer of antivirus software and has created award-winning threat detection software.

Similar to the traditional software security process, Eset administrators are implementing strong user access control to define who can access the data and to what extent users can access it. This helps ensure that only authorized users can gain access to data in the cloud infrastructure, a very foolproof safety mechanism.

This goes to show that Eset are remaining true to their vision, which reads:

“We will enable our users to enjoy the full potential of themselves and their technology in a secure digital world.”

The CIO East Africa Cloud and Security Summit will unfold on 22nd and 23rd of October. It is indeed against this background that the virtual Cloud & Security Forum 2020 is designed to assist in driving an impartial and informed dialogue in the rapidly evolving information security industry.

Having continued to create an environment for making new connections, the summit with visionary speakers at the nexus of new technologies and cybersecurity solutions purposes to share their insights and demonstrate their ability to safeguard customer data.

Remember to register for the event before the D-Day.


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