Encourage and Entrepreneur-her

The inclusion of women in technology is a discussion that not only needs to be echoed out into the digital and physical world but to also...


Encourage and Entrepreneur-her

The inclusion of women in technology is a discussion that not only needs to be echoed out into the digital and physical world but to also to be practiced and encouraged. For the purpose of pushing forward the dialogue so it no longer has to be a point of conversation but rather a point in time where we saw it fit to do better and we did.

In the tech industry, organizations that support and encourage women are standing as the sturdy barrier breakers who not only propel, but stand with women in an industry that is strife with male domination and gender bias ideals that stifle women rather than uplift them.

A great example of a barrier breaker is Maureen Mwaniki, the Director of Women In Tech Huawei. She is the pioneer for pre-eminent persistence and support. “We don’t preach water and drink wine,” she begins. The initiative’s mission is to support women passionate and interested to pursue careers and exceptional leadership roles in STEM, through provision of skills, opportunities and exemplary role models. The program offers extensive training through CSR programs so as to increase the engagement of women employees in business technology and to jumpstart a new wave of women-owned business.

“We found ourselves walking this journey with HerNovation,” she continues. The organization is a great example and participant in loud call to action needed to encourage and support women in the technical business industry as well as inspire women who are shooting for this kind of star.


In the last year and as a telecommunications industry giant, Huawei has been integral in uplifting several partners and supporting 8 women-ownded businesses in the telecommunications and engineering sector. “We would also like to see how well they can place themselves in this era where things are tough but then at the end of the day they have skillsets, training to come on board and walk the journey, they may just never get an opportunity to be heard,’ she says. And hear them Huawei has.

“Entrepren-her is about taking the journey together with entrepreneurs who are women on business ends that we have supported as Huawei, as we try to embrace the digital divide,” Maureen says. One of the pillars in WITH is procurement. This encompasses supporting women owned suppliers to increase orders and encouraging existing suppliers to recruit, train and promote women in the workplace. The program offers various training opportunities for women inclined in the tele-communications and engineering business. “You may find that it is easy to walk the journey but you can’t walk the journey alone, we can attest to this through one of our partners,” she introduces.

A great introduction and welcome to Christine Matumo, the Managing Director of Spectrum Engineering Ltd. This partnership has seen robust support from Huawei and has achieved the stature of being an international brand that matches up with international standards.

Spectrum is an integrated company that focuses its services on telco operators and the original equipment manufacturers like Huawei Technologies. “Huawei is a company we’ve been on a journey with for over ten years, from 2006, after spectrum was registered as a company.”, she begins. Since then, the company in partnership has been introduced to technical solutions that have helped Spectrum move from a service provider to a more technology based company. They use various IT tools such as face recognition, as part of how they implement and track projects and resources.


Having worked with Huawei we have been able to improve our efficiency,” she attunes. The partnership having spanned overall multi-year contract is a true testament to the ode that they aren’t just talking the talk, they are walking the walk.

Technology is ever evolving and “every time the technology changes they train our engineers to keep up to par with their technology and that keeps us moving,” Christine remarks. Which solidifies Huawei’s initiative to support and encourage businesses that simultaneously serve as proverbial hammers in breaking down the gender-bias gap within the industry.

“They have encouraged us to improve our processes and that has helped us achieve international standards and licenses such as ISO 9001 certification. I am really proud and happy to be invited to participate in HerNovation,” Christine closes.

“You can see how far we have brought some of our suppliers. We need to have that opportunity to continue entrepreneur-ing her. The cake is really big out there. We are going to partner with many other women-wonder business.” Maureen Mwaniki returns and with a parting shot, concludes.


With more inclusivity of women owned businesses in the technological industry, we can make innumerable strides and push forward into an community and economy that allows equal opportunities for growth and success on both ends of the spectrum.

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