Embracing The Digital Transformation

    Lanre Bamisebi, speaks during the CIO100 Awards and Symposium 2019

    With a rapid turn of technological events seeping into the various industry’s, it is no longer a matter of time until digitisation encompasses the Kenyan IT landscape, it here already. The conversations during the CIO100 Awards and Symposium were geared towards this notion, of understanding how to operate in a swiftly evolving landscape whilst ensuring relevancy is maintained.

    As with any technology, it has its ups and downs. Similarly, the uptake of technology can be heralded to this, but with new and improved mechanisms that link neural networks together steadily on the rise, the embracing of digital transformation has been alluded to as the next major step, companies must take, in order to thrive.

    Mr. Lanre Bamisebi, the CIO at Equity Bank, expounded on this idea “5G is going to revolutionise the world” before he went on to indicate how vital it is for a business to change the though pattern on embracing technology. “How are you changing your business to loop into the tradition of 5G”

    This comes at a time where information is readily available, but to contextualise it, in the right mind frame that is appropriate to a business level, is where companies are looking to prosper.

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