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Effective Collaboration Through MTN- Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Solution

The nearly universal shift to remote work that occurred at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed organizations to rework their...


Effective Collaboration Through MTN- Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Solution

The nearly universal shift to remote work that occurred at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed organizations to rework their collaborative processes or perish. In the months since, companies have struggled to not only sustain productivity, but also to preserve company cultures while leading dispersed teams through heightened uncertainty.

“Never waste a good crisis.” This is a philosophy that is slowly emerging in the digital world. It is a philosophy that encapsulates embarking on a mission to strengthen every aspect of a business during the current pandemic. The likes of MTN Business Kenya have harnessed the idea behind this philosophy, and have created a cutting edge technology as their answer to the uncertainty.

MTN- Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Solution integrates your 020 business line with your Microsoft 365 email account using the Microsoft Teams App.
As a result, your business receives a complete, unified communications solution on a single application.

The Microsoft Teams application is available for use on your mobile devices or desktop computers. This takes the idea of collaboration between peers and clients to a whole new level of convenience and ease of use.


As the world gets accustomed to working remotely,
we need reliable, cutting-edge technology to ensure that our communication is effective and just as readily available as it was when we all worked in the office. Traditionally, desk phones with office numbers have brought a high-level of convenience and reliability in multiple use cases, from making external calls to clients or suppliers, to making zero-rated internal calls to staff both on-premises and across multiple branches.

This gives rise to the understanding, that the value of a remote enterprise voice solution has never been clearer than it is now. Plus, the need for cloud telephony and unified communication has accelerated, pointing to the fact that the MTN- Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Solution encompasses Communication technology that’s effective and readily available.

Microsoft Teams provides the capability to host video or audio conferences, schedule meetings, store and share documents and chat with colleagues, while Direct Routing enables users to make and receive external calls using Voice over IP through the Teams App.

Direct Routing brings the same high level of convenience and reliability that the desktop phone provided in the office, but adds remote work capability and mobility to ensure users are always connected and communicating.


The platform provides all the features you would expect from an on-premises PABX, with the added advantage of not having to procure or manage any physical PABX or desk phones.
Download the Microsoft Teams App and continue with business functions while working from home. Staying connected with customers is key, especially now that face-to-face meetings are limited. MTN Business Kenya can help you with solutions that add value to your business by enhancing your customer experience and growing your revenues.

The COVID-19 pandemic will pass, but its effects on the way we work will last. Regardless of how your business is structured now, effective collaboration in the new normal will require thoughtful leadership and a willingness to fail, learn, and adapt quickly.

Adapt quickly and Contact MTN Kenya today to find out more about how their solution can help your business:

Sign up before 30th January 2021 and you can leverage all the benefits of Teams Direct Routing powered by MTN for less. 


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