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East Africa’s CIO of the year 2018 gives insights for 2019 While technology have in the past few years made considerable impact on...


East Africa’s CIO of the year 2018 gives insights for 2019
HF Group CIO, George Njuguna.

While technology have in the past few years made considerable impact on businesses, it is the essence and extent the industry players deliberate pool of ideas and investment on them that will stand to ready the enterprise for digital transformation in 2019 and beyond asserts George Njuguna, CIO HF Group.

In a video clip presented during the 2019 CIO Year Ahead Forum themed: Driving Innovations in Organizations, Njuguna stressed the need for industry CIOs and thought-leaders in the ICT sector to consider pooling ideas that would close the gap between IT and the business since the situation has proven a major obstacle in the success towards digital transformation.

Peering on the year ahead, Njuguna voted the East Africa’s 2018 CIO of the Year in the region appealed to sector colleagues to seize opportunities that would align IT and the business as the move was not anymore an optional but an imperative one to stay relevant in a fast-moving world.


Breaking down how IT will steadily respond to the opportunity to lead the way for digital transformation in enterprises, Njuguna recommended that among the first steps for sector industry colleagues to consider in the transformative journey would be to hasten the “use of digital technology to deliver more value to customers.”

Since digital transformation is primarily about improving the customer (employees or external customers), experience and enabling business agility to support changing market dynamics Njuguna further called on sector players to make this possible by ensuring that three major enterprise dimensions skewed on using modern technologies and methodologies: people, risks and processes are optimised.

Njuguna’s charge at HF Group has been to create a vision, direction and delivery program for the company’s digital transformation agenda. He noted that this required him to find a balance between advancing ideas that deliver on the evolving business needs, high customer expectations while delivering on shareholder value.

“In tandem, I must ensure that core operations remain stable and do not deter us from focusing on the strategic objectives,” Njuguna


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