ADC instrumental in Kenya’s big data

Dan Kwach, General Manager, East Africa Data Centres

As digitization continues to unfold within the various market segments in Eastern Africa, Africa Data Centres (ADC), is playing a predominant role in big data for corporate enterprises thereby creating opportunities for wholesale ICT players.

This comes at a time when digitization and data are being heralded as the new oil. The status of data handling across East Africa in terms of demand by the market is on the rise by reputable levels.

Dan Kwach, General Manager, ADC for East Africa says; “There is a lot of digitization happening within the various market segments in Eastern Africa,” adding; “This results into organizations consuming information and communication technologies (ICTs) infrastructure to improve efficiency, expand reach in markets, improve productivity among other benefits.”

With data being regarded as one of the major job creators for the future, it is growing faster says Kwach.

According to Forbes, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet. In Kenya, the ADC Nairobi is handling Kenya’s big data at a level synonymous with growth of technology.

As Africa gets on the fringes of a full scale digital revolution, it is increasingly clear that its potential is able to harness various platforms to fulfill the overall quest for innovation. Kwach reaffirms this with regards to the ADC Nairobi.

“If we look at how technology has transformed our lives today, Africa has the advantage, of not re-inventing the wheel,” Kwach said.

For instance, cloud technology is already in place. Clear understanding of the benefits of cloud technologies helps Africa leapfrog and avoid the cumbersome legacy systems.

“Africa Data Centres is building capacity that will enable Africa’s content to be hosted locally, improving user-experience by reducting latency and cost. This will reduce reliance on international bandwidth resources,” he avers.

This should ensure that customers can immediately use a server that will handle the authentication of their financial transactions as quickly as possible. In social media it allows users to access their media content faster, in the enterprise space.

“Customers consuming cloud based services will be able to access latency sensitive services with a lot more ease,” he added, alluding to the notion that, Africa has every right to be excited for the digital future

At the stage the Kenyan IT sector is, it is a common understanding that collaboration is key for the sector. Kwach explained how the ADC Nairobi is well underway with plans on this.

“Today, we see a lot of competition coming into the Data Centre space. In my opinion, there is a market, a demand, and an opportunity for all the players. We don’t see competition as a threat, but rather as partners to complement our business offers,” he concludes.

As the technology landscape in Kenya matures, ADC Nairobi is making strides in imprinting the country’s digital foot print to the world.

However, Kwach points out that competitiveness comes with hardships without which, businesses would have no character.


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