Don’t Wrack Your Brains On Christmas Tech Gifts – Here Are The Top 3


We all know somebody in our lives that is supposedly impossible to shop for. But, even for the impossible-to-shop-for person, the latest tech gadgets will always make for an exciting holiday gift. Why? Well, no matter their interests, tech always promises something for everybody. No gamer will turn down the latest headset, no one will scoff when gifted some quality earbuds, and any MacBook owner can always use a few new accessories to make the most of their laptop.
There’s no denying that the most popular gifts are often the coolest, newest, and handiest tech products, be they cell phone accessories, gaming systems, or gadgets you didn’t know you needed—especially when the holidays roll around. But if you can’t keep track of what’s trendy and useful in the world of tech, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re shopping for the technophobes or tech-elites in your life, here are the top 3 tech gifts we felt were the hardest hitting, and best-priced:

Playstation 5

Next-Gen Gaming

Yes, the next generation of PlayStation is finally here with the arrival of the PS5. This not only opens an avenue to a new era of gaming, but to a new approach to the way in which videogames are now made. This generation, it seems like Sony is sticking with the approach that made the PS4 so successful: sell consoles that can play first-party games from Sony’s storied franchises, and supplement that lineup with great third-party titles, too.

Its new controller is amazing, games load quickly, and the console has a more streamlined user interface than the PS4. We felt that it left a great first impression — even if there aren’t a lot of actual next-generation games to play just yet. The PS5 will be entering Kenyan stores around the Christmas dates, get your hands on one before it becomes a victim of its own success.

Price: Kshs 50,000

Amazon Echo Dot

Speakers Galore!

No list of the best gadgets of 2020 would be complete without the Amazon Echo Dot, which has always made for an extraordinary stocking stuffer on the cheap. The updated smart speaker from Amazon features a built-in LED display to show the time and outdoor temperatures and auto-dims at night. It may not have the Zigbee hub or the audio quality of its larger counterpart, but its half the price and can carry out all of the other Alexa functions.

Price: from Kshs 2,500

Apple Watch Series 6

A health conscious watch

While the cheaper Apple Watch SE is a great choice for most people on your shopping list, the Apple Watch Series 6 has some extra features that could make it the better pick for the health-conscious people in your life. (The SE is also back-ordered until after Christmas at many online retailers.) As always, Apple spared no expense with the internals, upgrading the gyroscope and accelerometer while adding an altimeter to offer deeper insights on your activity. But the Series 6 is also able to provide constant ECG monitoring, which is a great tool for people who want to stay up to date on their heart health. The Series 6 also introduced the ability to track blood oxygen levels, which are a key vital metric that can indicate when it’s time to go see the doctor.

Price: Kshs 66,000

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