Don’t jailbreak your iPhone until iOS 12.4.1 come out


Over the weekend, hackers dusted off their jailbreaking skills when they discovered a vulnerability in iOS 12.4 after a long while since anyone seriously needed to jailbreak their iPhones.

This vulnerability as said by one security researcher, could be used to make a malicious app that could steal data from other apps on a user’s iPhone.

In the iPhone’s early days, hackers would jailbreak an iPhone in order to install third-party apps that weren’t available through the App Store but that soon ceased as many apps and more customizable operating systems, from which to choose were availed.

“Given the security risks, you probably don’t want to jailbreak your iPhone and you should beware of apps you download from the App Store until Apple re-patches the bug,” said a security expert.

According to Vice, iOS 12.4 – the latest version – reintroduced a bug that was fixed in iOS 12.3.

Unfortunately, the bug also makes it easier to hack iPhones. So, until iOS 12.4.1 comes out, many iPhones are at risk. If nothing else, this may take you on a memory lane trip, back to the days of the Cydia Store

Another security researcher Pwn20wnd released the first free public jailbreak for a fully updated iPhone in years.

Several iPhone users have since taken to twitter, claiming they used the Pwn20wnd jailbreak on their phones.

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