Ditch Your PABX For The Newer And Smarter Alternative

The digital transformation is one of the most powerful processes in modern business. It is a global phenomenon that has washed over...


Ditch Your PABX For The Newer And Smarter Alternative

The digital transformation is one of the most powerful processes in modern business. It is a global phenomenon that has washed over businesses like a tidal wave. Confronted with digitalization, internal communication also faces new challenges. Just how does communication remain smooth during such unpredictable times? MTN Business Kenya has your answer.

These days, algorithms are increasingly adept at communication. We are set for a huge, technology driven, shake up in the decades to come. The question is, are we ready for this? Through innovation like what MTN Business Kenya have done, we will not only soar above the clouds, but harness the power of technology right from its source.

MTN Business Kenya have latched on to the power of digitization and created communication technology that’s effective and readily available, the MTN- Microsoft teams routing solution. As we get accustomed to working remotely,
we need reliable, cutting-edge technology to ensure that our communication is effective and just as readily available as it was when we all worked in the office.

Traditionally, desk phones with office numbers have brought a high-level of convenience and reliability in multiple use cases, from making external calls to clients or suppliers, to making zero-rated internal calls to staff both on-premises and across multiple branches. The value of a remote enterprise voice solution has never been clearer than it is now.


Especially considering the worldwide pandemic we are currently in. This leads to a situation where the need for cloud telephony and unified communication has accelerated.
MTN-Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution integrates your 020 business line with your Microsoft 365 email account using the Microsoft Teams App. As a result, your business receives a complete, unified communications solution on a single application. The Microsoft Teams application is available for use on your mobile devices or desktop computers.
Direct Routing brings the same high level of convenience and reliability that the desktop phone provided in the office, but adds remote work capability and mobility to ensure users are always connected and communicating.

Plus, with no physical desktop phones or PABX required, your business can save on costs and implement at speed. The platform provides all the features you would expect from an on-premises PABX, with the added advantage of not having to procure or manage any physical PABX or desk phones.

Your employees would be able to access:
1. Direct Person Calling: The ability to make and receive calls from someone within your organisation using their direct dial number.
2. Reception / Switchboard: The ability to call an office main number, speak to an agent and that agent can service your inquiry by way of transfer, hold or terminate.
3. Reliable outbound calls to any destination: Unlock effective collaboration by enabling reliable, consistent user experiences and call colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers, anywhere in the world.

MTN Business Kenya, being a long time provider of enterprise voice solutions and a trusted digital transformation partner in your cloud solutions adoption journey, is here to help you unlock the true value of Microsoft Teams. Fast-track your journey to cloud collaboration and unleash your team’s productivity through our complete end-to-end Unified Communication as a service (UCaaS) solution.


Staying connected with customers is key, especially now that face-to-face meetings are limited. MTN Business Kenya can help you with solutions that add value to your business by enhancing your customer experience and growing your revenues.
Sign up before 30th January 2021 and you can leverage all the benefits of Teams Direct Routing powered by MTN for less. 

Contact MTN Kenya today to find out more about how their solution can help your business, click here.

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