Digital transformation trends to watch in 2020 #CIOYearAhead


    Through the inception of cutting edge technologies, the history of digital transformation is being written. With 2020 likely to go down as a landmark year where innovation is set to be rife, there is only one constant in the world of digitization, and that constant is change.

    Firms that embrace digital tech transformation, are bound to see growth in gross margins. Incorporating long term and short term trends, the emergence of these particular trends are going to be the main talking points on reorganizing the 2020 tech industry.

    Keval Shah, CEO at cloudHop spoke at the CIO Year ahead event.  He said say “You need to embrace change, move outside of your comfort zone.” Adding, “Cultivate technology talent for tomorrow, not for today” expounding on the idea that applying and implementing new technologies to radically change processes and customer experiences is where digital transformation trends will be born.

    Tipping the trends to be IoT, Blockchain, cloud apps, cognitive intelligence, cloud analysis, AI, connected devices and user experiences.

    With the emergence of trends being as new, fast and dynamic as digital technology itself, the utilization of innovation to spur on the organization is no longer looked at as a thing of the future. It is now a thing of the current. Through processes digitization, business processes, and encouraging new cultural norms towards technology, more surefire ways to disrupt your own business are being implemented.

    As the entire world converges into a digital community, the advancement and implementation of digital transformation is well on its way towards making considerable strides in increasing reliability and productivity in global markets, including Kenya. As with any great advancement, it comes with drawbacks. With regards to digital transformation, the drawbacks revolve around the organisations inability to adapt to change.

    As Kenya, and East Africa play a part in the digital revolution, the advent of innovation and technology are part and personal of the way in which Kenya aims to assert her dominance in the African technology landscape

    The Year Ahead event, themed; Turning Accelerated Disruption into Opportunities, the forum hosted the technology C-Suites from across the East African region to harness the power of disruptive technologies in order to better shape business experience.




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