Digital Marketing will never be the same thanks to AI


Artificial intelligence technology has been at the center of a lot of discussions over the last few years.

The ones that seem to get the most attention concern visions of a dystopian future where artificial intelligence has become either dangerous or oppressive to humans. While these ideas have the ability to capture the attention of audiences, they also tend to be far removed from the reality of what AI is doing today.

AI systems are certainly getting smarter and more capable, and the developments have been more toward improving business practices and making products that are more useful for consumers. In the last few years, the technologies that support AI have developed in such a way that the idea of intelligent robots might not be as far-fetched as it once seemed, but we still have a long way to go.

Advances to AI are going to have an impact on a wide range of industries, and digital marketing is no exception. To provide some context for the applications of AI in advertising, we are going to take a closer look at some of the technologies that are currently available, and some of the ways that they can be used.

Important AI Developments

The general goal of AI research is to develop machines that can think like humans. Providing the ability to learn independently, process language, reason, and make decisions are all marks of human cognition and processing. Here are a few of the developments that are helping AI to reach these goals.

Natural Language Processing

This is a field of AI that is concerned with providing machines with the ability to interact with humans in natural language. For this to work, the machine needs to be able to receive language from a human and determine its meaning. It also needs to be able to take information and then translate it into the colloquial and natural terms used by people.

Machine Learning

With machine learning, the AI system can learn from experience and improve its performance based what it learns. Instead of having to operate strictly on a set of preprogrammed rules, a system that uses ML can get better at what it does, and learn to perform new functions in a way that is almost independent of human programmers.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a step toward giving machines the ability to think like humans. With deep learning AI, the system uses neural networks and algorithms to learn from vast amounts of information.

AI in Advertising

Artificial intelligence is already a part of the world of advertising. Digital marketing firms use AI to improve content strategies, target customers with more precision, and to select the right distribution channels for different marketing materials.

With the use of AI, marketers can gain insights that would not be possible through human analysis. These systems can analyze huge amounts of data to predict purchasing trends and consumer behavior. It can help to determine which consumers will respond to what ads, and the best time to start different types of marketing campaigns.

It also has implications for customer service. Many businesses have already enlisted the help of a chatbot platform to interact with customers directly and field requests from everything ranging from basic complaints to booking a room at a hotel. These AI bots will continue to develop and improve to handle more complex tasks and create personalized marketing experiences.

AI already plays a major role in business, and it affects the lives of most people every day. These systems are only going to get smarter with time, and they may someday surpass the intelligence of humans. For the time being, we can see a multitude of different ways that it is already helping to make better business decisions and improving the ways that we do a number of different tasks.

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