Developing skills needed to thrive in an AI powered world


    From self-driving cars to SIRI, Artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly. Science fiction often portrays AI as machines with likeness to humans, but that they are evil and always plotting the downfall of the human race. AI is very dynamic; it can encompass anything from google’s search algorithms to autonomous war drones.

    Amongst the advantages of AI, brings forth a low error rate compared to humans, a higher level of precision paired with accuracy and speed. But, as AI begins to take centre stage in the worlds technology scene, what are the skills humans need to thrive in such a world? With human strong points being reasoning, planning and learning, the general goals for AI are directed towards being more “human”

    Dr. Fernando Wangila spoke at the CIO Year Ahead event. He expounded on this by saying “AI will not replace creativity and analytical thinking” further adding, “Active learning, initiatives and originality will always remain on top.” This points to how the work forces will be reskilled to suit the constantly changing employment types, brought on by the dynamic ways of AI.

    Traditionally, throughout the inception stages of AI, especially from the year 2015, it has become vital that AI applications should steer clear of the risks associated with processing personal data. With it being a revolutionary new step for Kenya, it is able to easily elimate dull and boring tasks, use advanced facial recognition and chatbots, as well as being able to deal with astronomical amounts of data.

    Mulling over the technological strides Kenya is making, to match and support that growth, Kenya’s infrastructure will also be in need of being upgraded. Demystifying the core of AI, and understanding how and where humans can fit into this chess game, is going to be the most important play. AI can amplify human effectiveness, but also threaten human autonomy.

    The understanding that humans can sustain a technologically stimulated environment with AI, involves striking balance. Allowing knowledge driven algorithms, based on mathematic optimization, human know-how, and data driven analytics to get the best out of both worlds. The results will lead humans to making AI more conversant to human skills.

    The Year Ahead event, themed; Turning Accelerated Disruption into Opportunities, the forum hosted the technology C-Suites from across the East African region to harness the power of disruptive technologies in order to better shape business experience.

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