Delegates appreciate the rich-content shared at CIO 100 Symposium

Delegates at the plenary session of CIO Symposium 2018

Todays East Africa’s government’s rising passion on technology is helping spread best practices and spurring innovation in the public sector as well as the private sector, an element that was widely appreciated at regional 2018 CIO100 Symposium & Awards.

Designed to catalyze invaluable engagement, the 2018 CIO100 Symposium agenda was according to members of an Advisory Board who voluntarily sacrificed invaluable time to put crystalize an sessions purposed to cover areas that focus on how to develop, implement and capitalize on innovation and improve efficiencies to grow competitive advantage.

At the event themed: Growing the Digital Economy, the delegates gave a thumps up to noting that the symposium provided their organizations with the opportunity to gain valuable insights and solutions to better equip themselves for the evolving changes of today’s business environment.

“With the ongoing trend of digital transformation reinventing organisations through the use of digital technology, this year’s CIO Symposium lived to its promise of being magnanimous, said Eng. Leo Boruett, Director of Multimedia Services at Communications Authority of Kenya. The timeliness of this thought-provoking conference compliments the pace of change over the last five years, he added noted that there has been significant need for businesses to accelerate their digital capabilities at an astonishing rate to effectively address the customer experience.

Ms Angela Ngángá , noted that besides the speakers who had invaluable content the delegates at the event were eager to learn to match with the obvious trends of the times. “With this rapid transformation comes the need to properly harness digital technologies and put them into effective use,” said Ms Ngángá noting that it was even hard for her to leave the plenary while the session were on.

According to Tim Oriedo, the 2018 CIO Symposium was a remarkable turning point as it brought together leaders spearheading digital initiatives in their organisations to offer insights, education and case studies on what can be a confusing environment.

“This could not be have been done better without the volunteer spirit extended by the 2018 Advisory Board,” said Harry Hare, Publisher and Chairman of CIO East Africa.

Well, over the last decade, the horn of Africa regional states have in the spirit of people public private partnership steadily made efforts purposed to effectively deploy and grow the digital economy – a crucial engine for sustainable development in this era of digital transformation.

For the first time CIO100 Symposium hosted HerNovation Roundtable, VIPs Roundtable unique sessions that set the tone of engagement in both the plenary and breakout sessions.  and CIOs Roundtable.

With a regional focus, this year’s symposium complimented what has been the region’s ICT  proverbial ‘journey of a thousand steps’ since it pooled together efforts purposed to enhance inclusiveness, compliment the national and county ICT initiatives and enterprises yearning to make Eastern Africa more vibrant and competitive in the global space.

Prior to the symposium, the advisory  board met six times in two months prior the symposium to align the invaluable content that ultimately led them to crystalize an agenda which most delegates were delighted to affirm was timely and relevant following the region’s quest of growing the digital economy.

According to Laura Chite, CEO – CIO East Africa, the agenda was designed to make the topical issues relevant and actionable to the East African states and local government as well as organizations attending the symposium.

“The Board prepared an agenda that was primed to inspire delegates as they engage with inspirational keynote speakers, spotlight speakers, moderators of leadership discussions and networking break-out session to help advance the goals of their organizations and their own career paths”, Chite said.


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