Dawati Technologies changing the face of education


Dawati Technologies is on the fast track to revolutionize the way in which the Kenyan education sector operates. It has become increasingly visible; the impact technology has had on various sectors in the Kenyan economy. The education sector is one such sector that has been steadily adapting to the wave of automation and is now making considerable strides in the direction of how learning material is consumed, made and distributed.

A startup by the name of Dawati, is responsible for the immense changes the face of education in Kenya is going through. Originally formed in 2016, Dawati launched the first version of their app towards the end of July in 2018. Now, with over 10,000 downloads. The app encompasses E- learning solutions that are in line with the current KCSE syllabus.

Speaking to Mohamed Adan, he outlined what the app does and how it operates, “It’s an E learning solution, targeting high school students, we are trying to get the best teachers, to hone students in any part of the country. In an attempt to bridge the gap between students, we will bring in the teachers and train them and equip them with the skills necessary to prepare digital content”

Mr. Adan then went on to explain that the teachers are sourced from the best schools, before they are trained to prepare content particularly suited to students who may be watching from anywhere in the country. They went on to manufacture their own tablet, which enables on the go learning, and learning outside the classroom.

The learning content is rendered in presentation slides or video format, with the examinations being up to date and time controlled. As with array of teachers the students have access to, they can also access mentors who are able to guide and help them.


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