Cybersecurity is about Zero-Trust

Pratik Roy, Business Group Director (Security and Modern Workplace) North and Sub-Saharan Africa at Microsoft. (Photo by Arthur Kuwashima)

The modern approach to Cybersecurity as noted during the 2019 regional CIO100 Symposium and Awards at the Lake Naivasha Resort, is to apply the ‘Never trust and always verify‘ strategy also called  Zero trust.

The Zero Trust as an architecture ensures that data and access across the network are secure and based on parameters like user identity and location as noted Pratik Roy the Business Group Director, Security and Modern Workplace for North a during his knd Sub-Saharan Africa at Microsoft.

“Verify explicitly, minimize the impact of breaches and give least privileged access,” said Pratik. “AI and Integration he added, can help identify upto 8 trillion security vulnerabilities and/ or signals daily.”

He expounded that security must, going forward, be viewed in theses three perspectives; Built-In, AI and Automation and Integration.

The goal of Zero Trust security is to protect companies from advanced cybersecurity threats and data breaches, while helping the them achieve compliance with FISMA, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, and any future data privacy and security laws.

It premises on a model based on the principle of maintaining strict access controls and not trusting anyone by default, even those already inside one’s circles. At the heart of Zero Trust is data security.

The East Africa regional CIO100 Symposium and Awards in an annual event in its 9th year running that honors the top performing regional IT professionals.

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