Cyber Defense With A Twist- Fortinet Changing The Game with Dynamic Cloud Security

If there is one constant your business can rely on these days, it’s change. Your IT needs next year — or even next month — are...


Cyber Defense With  A Twist- Fortinet Changing The Game with Dynamic Cloud Security

If there is one constant your business can rely on these days, it’s change. Your IT needs next year — or even next month — are unlikely to be the same as they are right now. Your business may be growing, and moving to new territories. Through cloud computing, technologies are now indispensable, at all levels.

Hence, the reason why cloud has cemented itself as not just a trendy application that people can use to store their photos and videos online. It is part of a business model that is taking the world by the scruff of the neck. Cloud computing not only changes how so many businesses store and access data, but it is also changing how many of these businesses operate.

“As cloud adoption accelerates, organisations are increasingly reliant on cloud-based services and infrastructures” Avers Imran Chaudhrey, Country Manager for Fortinet East Africa. But, as with any significant stride in the right direction, the cyber space always has an aggressive tailgater, trying to catch a glimpse of the weaknesses and loopholes in any infrastructure. This aggressive tailgater is the realm of cyber attacks.

“Digital innovation is important for every enterprise, but its success requires the right security strategy.” said Chaudhrey, making it clear that without exception, every enterprise should be concerned with cybersecurity. The cusp of scaling, and harnessing the advantages of digital innovation cannot be fulfilled if security loopholes are not managed accordingly.


As Security Evolves, So do Threats

In an increasingly interconnected environment, information is exposed to a growing number and wider variety of risks. Threats have become ambitious, sophisticated and brazen. In the cloud infrastructure, a well-designed cloud security strategy vastly reduces the risk of cyber attacks. Through the conception of AI, threat defence has taken a new, and exciting turn.

“One of the objectives of developing security-focused artificial intelligence over time has been to create an adaptive immune system for the network similar to the one in the human body.” says Chaudhrey.

Correlating AI to the human immune system indicates just how advanced cyber defence has become. It would be logical to think that the threats are now closed out, wrong. As defence evolves, so do the threats.

With the pandemic reaching out to every corner of the world, threat actors have taken advantage of this, and turned it into a platform for their heinous activities. As Chaudhrey explains “there has been a noticeable shift in the tactics used by existing threat actors. It’s been estimated that around 80 percent of all malicious campaigns are now leveraging a COVID-19 angle.”


Securing The Cloud

Understanding that threat actors are just as dynamic as cyber security teams, a new card has to be drawn. A card that is agile, swift and forward thinking. The goal of a cloud security strategy is to reduce the threat posed by these risks as much as possible by protecting data, managing user authentication and access, and staying operational in the face of an attack.

This dynamism, opens the door to Fortinet’s Dynamic Cloud Security. “Fortinet Dynamic Cloud Security Solutions provide the necessary visibility and control across cloud infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud.” reaffirms Chaudhrey.

Security in the cloud is intended to increase the organizations confidence to deploy applications in the cloud and by such improve overall organizational agility and ability to respond to market demand. By leveraging Fortinet’s Security Fabric solutions to deploy use case driven security capabilities, organisations benefit from market leading security with streamlined management functionality.

This goes to show that cloud migration without immense hitches is possible, with a smarter, effortless and proven system.


As organizations rapidly adopt cloud networks, due to flexibility, scalability, cost effectiveness and more, security needs to be at the front and centre. It is against this background that the virtual Cloud & Security Forum 2020 is designed to assist in driving an impartial and informed dialogue in the rapidly evolving information security industry.

Having continued to create an environment for making new connections, the summit with visionary speakers at the nexus of new technologies and cyber security solutions purposes to share their insights and demonstrate their ability to safeguard customer data.

From new applications being consistently added to networks to employees taking access control shortcuts and credentials being compromised, it is clear that there are endless vulnerabilities to detect and manage.

Join the information security industry experts as they discuss strategies, tools and solutions to ensure your organisation is secure.

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